Oct 192016
Easy Day of the Dead Craft

Looking for a fun, no-prep Day of the Dead craft using materials you already have? Here is a fun one that you can do anytime with your kids – and it’s not even messy! (Mom for the win!) All you need is paper, markers, glue, and cereal – that’s it! It’s a great after school activity […]

Oct 182016
Bilingual Letter Craft: Q is for Que and Question

We love simple learning activities, especially ones that do double duty to teach English and Spanish. This bilingual letter craft for “Q” is easy but really makes an impact – plus it’s fun! Since we are focusing on biliteracy (that is, learning to read and write in both languages), as my preschooler is learning his […]

Oct 172016
Diwali Books for Kids

Diwali is coming, and I’m excited to share some great Diwali books with you! These are great ones to read with your kids whether they are already familiar with Diwali or not. For those who are just learning about it, it’s a wonderful way to discover this joyous time; while those who already celebrate with […]

Oct 132016
Books about Elections

With the presidential election fast approaching, we’ve been doing a lot of reading and learning activities in our house to help answer questions my son has about how the whole process works. Here are some great books we’ve discovered to teach kids of different ages about elections, plus a couple bonus ones we love about […]

Oct 112016
Olmec Jaguar Craft

Recently we looked at children’s books about the Aztec. Today we’re reaching further back into the history of Mesoamerica (that is, Central America and Mexico) to learn about what is often considered the “mother culture” of this culturally rich region: the Olmec. We learned some of the background of this ancient people and looked at the […]

Oct 052016
Can Online Piano Lessons Really Work?

I am the daughter of a piano teacher, and I studied piano for many years myself. I have many fond memories of the time spent on the piano bench, listening to and learning from my piano teacher. This image evokes memories of the paintings on her walls, her grand personality, and the world I entered when I […]

Oct 012016
Creating a Letter of the Week Preschool Curriculum

When I participated in a preschool co-op several years ago, we decided that the easiest way to organize it would be to follow the letters of the alphabet. Learning the alphabet is a building block of reading, and it roughly matched the number of weeks we would be meeting during the school year. Creating a […]

Sep 272016
Biliteracy: Why It Matters for Your Bilingual Child

One of the most important ways we are passing on Hispanic heritage to our children is through teaching them Spanish. Helping them learn to read in Spanish (biliteracy) is a wonderful way to motivate them to continue learning the language, plus it is a great way to bond and show cariño to your kids! What is biliteracy […]

Sep 252016
US Presidential Debate Printable

The first presidential debate is tomorrow night, and since we have been studying about our elections, I made this free printable to use with kids while they watch. It is designed for elementary school aged children, to help them capture the major aspects of the debate and what purpose debates serve during an election. To […]

Sep 232016
The Aztec: Top Books for Kids

The Aztec were one of the greatest (and best known) civilizations of pre-Colombian America. They actually referred to themselves as the Mexica (pronounced “Meh-shee-kah”), which is where we get the name “Mexico” from. The term “Aztec” didn’t become popular until the 18th century, although there is evidence that the Mexica originally called themselves this because […]

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