Oct 282014

Pumpkin Rolls from Vietnam {Around the World in 12 Dishes} | Alldonemonkey.com

It’s time again for my monthly post for “Around the World in 12 Dishes,” the series in which each month participating bloggers travel the world with their kids by cooking a dish from another country and perhaps reading a book, doing a craft, or learning fun facts about it.

This time we travel to Vietnam, and in celebration of the season we made these wonderful pumpkin rolls.  We took them to a play date, and the moms couldn’t stop talking about how soft and yummy they were!

I got the recipe from this fun Vietnamese cooking blog.   I had a hard time thinking of pumpkin rolls as being authentic Vietnamese food, but the recipe has a very authentic looking Vietnamese title (Bánh Bí Ngô Tí Hon), so I decided to go for it!  Below is the recipe, with converted measurements.  I did modify some of the proportions, which seemed off to me.  In particular, the ratio of wet to dry ingredients did not work for me, so I ended up added a great deal of extra flour in order to get the right consistency.  Also, I couldn’t find what “brown yeast” was, so I just used regular baking yeast with great results.

As you can see, because the consistency of the dough was still relatively wet (but I was worried that if I added any more flour the taste would be drastically altered), I wasn’t able to do the adorable design like she does, which makes the rolls look like actual pumpkins!  If you are able to make this work, please send the pictures, because it looks adorable!  But even if you aren’t able to achieve this (as I wasn’t), kids and parents will still love the pumpkin flavor of these delicious fall rolls.

Pumpkin Rolls Recipe from Vietnam {Around the World in 12 Dishes} | Alldonemonkey.com

Makes 13-14 large or 17-18 medium rolls


200ml whole milk (between 3/4 c and 1 c – most measuring cups for liquids have markings for ml as well as cups)
1 can of pumpkin = approx 2 c of pumpkin puree
200g butter = slightly less than 1 c
2 – 7 oz packets of yeast
1 T sugar
1 T brown sugar
1 t salt
1 egg
2 c whole wheat flour
2 c white flour
Warm water, approx. 1/4 c


To Make

1.Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Grease a large baking sheet (you may need two).

Warm the milk then add melted butter and pumpkin puree.  Mix well.

2. Add yeast packets, sugars, salt, egg, plus 1/4 c of warm water.  Stir well but gently

3. Add flours then mix with wooden spoon until smooth and soft.  Add more water or flour as needed to make smooth dough.

4. Cover the bowl with a clean cloth and let rest for 5 minutes.

5. Knead by hand for approx 10 minutes then let rest for at least one hour, until dough has risen and is no longer sticky.

6. Divide into small balls of equal size. (See the tutorial if you would like to try making these into mini pumpkins).

Pumpkin Rolls Recipe from Vietnam {Around the World in 12 Dishes} | Alldonemonkey.com

7. Arrange the balls on a greased baking sheet.  Allow room for them to rise more as they cook.

8. Brush tops with beaten egg yolk then bake for 10-15 minutes, until rolls begin to brown.

What have you been cooking up with your kids?

Pumpkin Rolls Recipe from Vietnam {Around the World in 12 Dishes} | Alldonemonkey.com


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If you try a dish from Vietnam, we’d love to hear about it! You can link up your dish or craft here to share your post on all the participating blogs:

Oct 232014

Spirit Bear: Teaching Children About Endangered Animals

Disclosure: I was provided a complimentary review copy of Spirit Bear; however, all opinions are my own.

When introducing young children to any serious subject, such as endangered animals, it is hard to overemphasize the influence that endearing storybook or animated characters can have.  After all, many of us first began to think about the importance of protecting the natural world because of a love of a particular fictional character.

What will Bambi and Thumper do when their forest home is destroyed?  Who will speak for the trees if not the Lorax?

The new children’s book Spirit Bear by Jennifer Harrington fits squarely into this tradition.  It is the story of Annuk, a white bear cub (a “spirit bear”), who one fateful day is swept away in the river and must make his way back home through the rainforest to his mother.  In his journey, he must face the dangers of the forest, with help from an unexpected new friend – Kaya, a sea wolf pup.

It is a story of perseverance and bravery, of friendship and trust.  Moreover, the beautiful wildlife illustrations introduce children to 22 animals from the Great Bear Rainforest in Western Canada, many of whom are endangered.  Of course, Monkey’s favorite picture was the last one, when Annuk is back home with his mama and siblings!

This gorgeous picture book is recommended for children ages 5-8 years old.  And this week you can win a copy of Spirit Bear in our giveaway – along with a FREE Teachers’ Package, an additional $9.95 value!  The Teachers’ Package is filled with learning resources, including an animated version of the book and a short educational film that shows children real spirit bears and other animals from the Canadian wilderness.

You can find out more about Spirit Bear on Eco Books 4 Kids, a new “green” Canadian publishing company dedicated to creating fun picture books to engage and educate children about the nature world.  Spirit Bear, the company’s first publication, is printed in Canada with vegetable inks on 100% recycled paper with an FSC cover for a reduced eco-footprint.  Eco Books 4 Kids is the latest endeavor of children’s author Jennifer Harrington.  Born and raised in British Columbia, she is passionate about educating children about the natural world and inspiring in them a desire to protect it.  Illustrator Michael Arnott, of mixed European and Ojibway descent, shares this deep love for Canada’s natural environment, having grown up in the rugged wilderness of Northern Ontario.

Enter our giveaway below to share Spirit Bear with a child in your life!

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Oct 212014

The Diwali Gift: Children's Book about the Indian Festival of Lights | Alldonemonkey.com

Disclosure: I received a complimentary e-copy of The Diwali Gift for review purposes; however, all opinions are my own.

This year, as I am helping plan a cultural play date on Diwali for our Multicultural Moms group (MUMs), I wanted to find a book to share with the kids to teach them about Diwali.  I searched our local library but found only non-fiction books more appropriate for older children.  As most of those in our group are 5 and under, I really wanted something that would keep their interest and speak to them on their level.

Luckily for me, I was recently contacted by the two mothers that run Three Curious Monkeys, dedicated to sharing the rich culture of India with young children through a lively trio of characters who are eager to explore along with their young readers.  (Check out their dress up play app!)

So I was delighted to read The Diwali Gift with my own little monkeys – and they loved it!  The three main characters – Suno, Dekho and Jaano – are curious little monkeys (seriously, how would we not love this??) who are also great friends.

The Diwali Gift

Something I love about this book is that is a bona fide story, not just a “teaching” book.  Kids will love the mystery of what Suno’s Dadima (paternal grandmother) sent the friends as a Diwali present.  What is inside the package?  As the friends each have their turn guessing, readers are introduced to different elements of Diwali, such as the special candles, or diyas, frequently used during Diwali celebrations.

I also love that the book appeals equally to those that are already familiar with Diwali and those that are not.  So this would be an a wonderful gift for children whose families celebrate Diwali, but it would be just as appropriate for ones whose families have never heard of the festival before.  There is a glossary at the back with explanations of common terms, given in simple language.  It would be a wonderful book to use in schools as well!

The Diwali Gift

Shweta Chopra and Shuchi Mehta, the two mothers that wrote The Diwali Gift, founded 3 Curious Monkeys because they were frustrated trying to find fun, engaging multicultural books for their little ones.  (Wait!  Does that sound familiar?  You’re right!  It is a very similar story to that of the founders of Our Little Loka, whose book Dances of India I reviewed recently.  How lucky we are to have such amazing mompreneurs take on the task of filling this gap!)  The result is 3 Curious Monkeys, which seeks to “make Indian culture more accessible, relevant and relatable for young children.”

My Monkeys kept asking to read the book over and over – a sign of a real hit! – and I’m looking forward to sharing this book with our friends at our upcoming play date.  You can find your own copies on Amazon or iTunes.  And I can’t wait to see what the 3 Curious Monkeys  do next!

For more great ideas on celebrating Diwali with kids, check out the Diwali Pinterest board from Multicultural Kid Blogs!

Oct 192014

Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop #20 | Alldonemonkey.com

Hi, and welcome to the Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop!

The Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop is a place where bloggers can share multicultural activities, crafts, recipes, and musings for our creative kids. We can’t wait to see what you share this time!
Created by Frances of Discovering the World through My Son’s Eyes, the blog hop has now found a new home at Multicultural Kid Blogs.
This month our co-hosts are:

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Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop

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As Native American Heritage Month approaches, this post from Crystal’s Tiny Treasures on First Nations Activities for Kids takes on special significance:

First Nations Activities for Kids: Crystal's Tiny Treasures

Thank you for linking-up, and we can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!

Oct 172014

Character Building Game for Kids {Birth of the Bab} | Alldonemonkey.com

Here is a simple but fun game to reinforce virtues like kindness and generosity.  For the past year I have been helping teach character-building classes for Monkey and several friends.  I wanted a fun way to review the lessons we had already learned, and I know from experience that this group of 4 and 5 year olds learns best by doing. 

So here is a “gate” game, inspired by the upcoming Bahá’í holiday the Birth of the Báb.  I wanted to reinforce the symbolism of the Báb as the Gate for Bahá’u’lláh, but it’s a fun activity for kids of any background, since who doesn’t want to be a gatekeeper for their friends??

Character Building Game: How to Play

One child stands at the front with his/her hands out to the sides, like a gate (in a doorway if possible!)  Then s/he gives clues (either verbally or with charades) about a particular virtue, like generosity or patience.  (For young children, an adult or older child can help).  The other children try to correctly guess the virtue in order to be allowed through the “gate.”  The first through the gate becomes the new gatekeeper.

Character Building Game for Kids {Birth of the Bab} | Alldonemonkey.com

For older children, you could make the game more challenging by not allowing them to use common words as clues for particular virtues.  So for “patience,” for example, you might forbid the gatekeeper to say “waiting” or “time.”  You could also challenge the other children to recite a piece of Scripture about that virtue in order to get through the gate.

For Bahá’ís, you could have the gatekeeper give clues about people from Bahá’í history, like Martha Root or Tahirih!

Happy Birth of the Báb to those celebrating!

Oct 152014

For the past year I have been having fun playing around on Instagram (IG).  I use the word “playing” very deliberately because of all the social media platforms, Instagram is most “just for fun.”


Even super heroes have to nap!

View on Instagram

There is an unwritten rule among bloggers that IG shouldn’t be used as simply one more way to promote your website.  Instead, it is best when it shows the behind the scenes, spur of the moment photos.  In my favorite IG accounts, you really do feel like you’re hanging out in someone’s backyard or peeking out from their front pocket as they explore the world.



The weather may be beautiful now, but the rainy season is coming! Time to test out the gear. View on Instagram

Sometimes IG feels to me a bit like a labyrinth with many tunnels and undiscovered alleyways to chance upon.  One way to explore is to start with an account that you like and start clicking on the hash tags that they use, in order to pull up photos with a similar topic.  And since we’re all about raising world citizens, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite hash tags to explore for multicultural families:

Multicultural Families

#mkbkids – Of course you know that first and foremost I’m going to recommend our own hash tag for Multicultural Kid Blogs (and friends!) – #mkbkids.  (We use this on other social media as well!)  This is a fun way to follow along with our members and their friends.  And now, any IG photos with that tag with show up in the sidebar of the Multicultural Kid Blogs website!  And now through the end of this blog hop (and beyond??), we will also be featuring our favorite IG photos with this hash tag on the MKB Facebook page! #multiculturalfamily and #mixedracefamily- These are smaller hash tags, but still fun to follow.

Cute Kids

One of my absolute favorites to follow is #mixedracebabies (shown below).

Other similar (but smaller) hash tags are #mixedracebabiesig, #mixedracekids, #perfectlyblended – Get ready for cuteness overload!  These adorable mixed race kids are just stunning!  #childrenoftheworld, #global_kids, #globalkidsclub also have beautiful portraits


Travel lends itself very easily to Instagram.  #globalnomads (shown below), #backpackingaddicts, #wanderlust, #globalnomads all have wonderful photography.  And I love #blackadventuristas!

Global Education

These hash tags are much smaller but are a great way to connect with like-minded folks: #bilingualbaby, #bilingualkids, #bilingualism, #globaled, and #globaleducation (shown below).

Global Citizenship

#global_family (shown below), #globalvillage, #global_portraits, #globalportraits, #heritage are all great to find photos from around the world. I also love #girlseducation and #girlsrights.

Are you on Instagram? What are your favorite hash tags? Families Around the World: MKB Instagram Blog Hop! We want to see your family, and the beauty of diversity… help us showcase families from all over the world! Join us for an Instagram Blog Hop honoring MKB’s second anniversary and families around the world! How to Join In Be sure to visit our wonderful co-hosts, plus enter our giveaway and link up your Instagram profile! Follow and use #mkbkids on Instagram! We’ll be sharing our favorite Instagram photos with this tag on the MKB website and Facebook page!

Blog Hop Co-Hosts

Be sure to follow them all in the linky below (#1-18)!

Multicultural Kid Blogs LadydeeLG Sand In My Toes Mama Smiles Kid World Citizen All Done Monkey In The Playroom the piri-piri lexicon Finding Dutchland European Mama MarocMama Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes Lou Messugo American Mom in Bordeaux The Mommy Factor World Music for Children My Favorite Multicultural Books Chasing the Donkey For the Love of Spanish Smart Tinker Raising World Citizens Entre Compras y El Hogar

Our Prize Package – Enter for a chance to win!

One winner will receive this fabulous prize package! It includes: Green Kid CraftsA 3 month subscription to Green Kid Crafts, valued at $60. For three months, you’ll receive a different-themed Discovery Box packed with 3-4 unique and engaging activity kits designed to foster a child’s creativity and confidence while helping to raise the nation’s next generation of creative leaders. For kids ages 3-10. US Shipping Only Little HumansLittle Humans by Brandon Stanton, donated by Smart Tinker. From the author of Humans of New York, this new work from photograph Brandon Stanton focuses on “littlest humans of New York – the ones who get back up when they fall, who have an impeccable taste in fashion, and who love with all their hearts. With spare text and a mix of all-new exclusive photos and fan favourites, Little Humans is sure to appeal to fans of HONY and those who have yet to discover it.” Birds of Love | Elika MahonyDigital download of the album “Birds of Love” by Elika Mahony. “Birds of Love” is a treasury of uplifting words and inspiring songs on the theme of love and marriage. It includes a diverse five song album from varied sources with five additional instrumental tracks for live performances and background at special events. Please note: The subscription for Green Kid Crafts is for US shipping only. In the event our winner is located outside the US, s/he will receive the remaining items, and we will draw another winner from the US for the Green Kid Crafts subscription.   a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Saudi Arabian Magic Cake {Around the World in 12 Dishes} | Alldonemonkey.com

It’s time again for my monthly post for “Around the World in 12 Dishes,” the series in which each month participating bloggers travel the world with their kids by cooking a dish from another country and perhaps reading a book, doing a craft, or learning fun facts about it.

I posted earlier about our dress-up play to learn about Saudi Arabia.  Today I am sharing our experience making Magic Cake!  This is an absolutely delicious recipe for  semolina cake with lemon rosewater that I borrowed from my amazing friend Sasha of Global Table Adventure!

Monkey was fascinated with the idea of a “magic” cake!  I called it that because after you bake it, you pour on top a heavenly concoction of lemon juice, sugar, and rosewater.  This perfumed syrup forms a lake on top – which magically disappears by the next morning!

The real trick of this recipe is to get the right kind of semolina.  (You can get all the details and see a photo in Sasha’s post).  Otherwise the syrup won’t soak into the cake properly.

 Saudi Arabian Magic Cake {Around the World in 12 Dishes} | Alldonemonkey.comBefore adding the syrup

Saudi Arabian Magic Cake {Around the World in 12 Dishes} | Alldonemonkey.com

Covered in a glistening lake of lemon rosewater syrup

Saudi Arabian Magic Cake {Around the World in 12 Dishes} | Alldonemonkey.com

Ready to eat!

Saudi Arabian Magic Cake {Around the World in 12 Dishes} | Alldonemonkey.com

We also learned about the geography of Saudi Arabia by tracing a map and filling it in.  This went much better than when I asked Monkey to make a flag during our last unit!

What magical adventures have you been having with your kids?


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If you try a dish from Saudi Arabia, we’d love to hear about it! You can link up your dish or craft here to share your post on all the participating blogs:

Oct 062014

Halloween Books and Activities that Encourage Working Together | Alldonemonkey.com

I’m excited to be participating in the Halloween Crafts and Activities for Kids series from All Things Kids!  See details at the end of this post.

This post contains affiliate links.  If you click through and make a purchase, I receive a small commission.  I appreciate your support!

Halloween Books that Encourage Working Together

Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper

A trio of animals lives together in harmony, enjoying their daily meal of pumpkin soup, until one day the duck decides he doesn’t want to measure the salt, as he normally does.  He wants to stir.  In the ensuing battle, the friends discover the importance of valuing everyone’s contribution – and sometimes changing things up so that everyone has a good time!  I should add that it was thanks to this book that Monkey tried pumpkin soup for the first time!

Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman

A witch dreams of pumpkin pie, but when her pumpkin proves too big to pick on her own, a cast of scary Halloween ghouls comes by to try their luck.  Each fares no better than the witch, unless a bat has a clever plan, which requires that they all cooperate.  Will their desire for pumpkin pie overcome their dread of working together?  Spoiler alert: the book ends with a party!

Turtle and Snake’s Spooky Halloween (Easy-to-Read, Puffin) by Kate Spohn

Speaking of parties, this gentle story of Turtle and Snake preparing for a Halloween bash is perfect for beginning readers.  The book follows as step by step the pair go through their to-do list (made of pictures plus simple words).  Monkey loves reading along as they check items off their list, building anticipation until at last it’s party time!

Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson

This beloved book is now a favorite of ours as well.  It is a tale of a generous witch who always has room on her broom for new friends.  Her kindness is repaid when her companions team up to scare away a terrible dragon who threatens the witch.  In the end, the witch makes a new truly magnificent broom perfect for all of her animal friends.

Halloween Activities that Encourage Working Together

Playing a Halloween game

Decorating jack o’ lanterns

Doing a Halloween craft

Making a favorite treat, like Halloween cupcakes, pumpkin bread or pumpkin cookies

Throwing a Halloween party

Handing out treats to trick-or-treaters

Doing a fall family service project, such as visiting a senior center in costume!

How does your family have fun together at Halloween?

Halloween Activities and Crafts for the Kids - All Things Kids

Looking for some great Halloween Activities and Crafts for your kids?  Be sure to check out these wonderful posts from the members of All Things Kids!  And don’t forget you can also follow All Things Kids on Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest!

Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tail on All Things Kids: Fingerprint Pumpkin Art for Five Little Pumpkins

Craftulate: Halloween Window Decorations

House of Burke: Candy Corn Shaving Cream Sensory Dig

Where Imagination Grows: Halloween Math Games: Counting with Ghosts

All Done Monkey: Halloween Books & Activities that Encourage Working Together

The Sugar Aunts: Hanging Ghosts Craft with Recycled Containers

Little Bins for Little Hands: Quick And Easy Slime For Halloween Sensory Play

Mamas Like Me: Straw Blow Painting Spider Web

Oct 042014

C is for Carnivorous Plants - 31 Days of ABC | Alldonemonkey.com

This post is part of the month-long series 31 Days of ABC.  See below for details!

This post contains affiliate links.  If you click through and make a purchase, I receive a small commission.  Thank you for your support!

Since Monkey loves carnivorous plants, it is only fitting that in our house “C” is for carnivorous plants!

He draws them alongside robots, he builds them out of play dough, and he frequently asks us to play a “fly trap” game with him.  This involves making your hands into a Venus fly trap, while his hand becomes a fly you have to capture!  Even Little Monkey can say “fly trap” as he squishes his hands together with appropriately gruesome sound effects.

C is for Carnivorous Plants - 31 Days of ABC | Alldonemonkey.com

So we jumped at the chance to take Monkey to the carnivorous plants exhibit at the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco recently.

C is for Carnivorous Plants - 31 Days of ABC | Alldonemonkey.com

Monkey was enthralled, getting to see up close the plants he had previously seen only in books and videos.

C is for Carnivorous Plants - 31 Days of ABC | Alldonemonkey.com

For this ABC series, I wanted to tie carnivorous plants more directly to the alphabet, so I came up with a fun little letter craft, based on one of the ways that many carnivorous plants trap their victims.

Many carnivorous plants, like the sundew, catch insects when the unsuspecting bugs land on the plants’ sticky surface.  So, in their honor, we put together our own sticky “C’s” to catch some insects.

C is for Carnivorous Plants - 31 Days of ABC | Alldonemonkey.com

First I cut “C” shapes out of colored paper then laid each on top of contact paper, so that the sticky side of the contact paper showed through the “C.”

C is for Carnivorous Plants - 31 Days of ABC | Alldonemonkey.com

I cut up a few bug shapes to get them started then let them add more, to practice their scissor skills.  The boys had fun seeing the “insects” stick to the letter, usually with Monkey adding in some dramatic cries from the insects.

C is for Carnivorous Plants - 31 Days of ABC | Alldonemonkey.com

Since Monkey also knows Spanish, we talked about how the carn- in carnivorous is like carne (“meat”), since carnivorous plants eat meat.

For More on Carnivorous Plants


Carnivorous Plants Food Art | Alldonemonkey.com

In case you missed it, be sure to check out our fun carnivorous plant food creations.

The Monkeys really enjoy this video from BBC One.  It is very well done, and so much better than watching home videos on YouTube of guys feeding spiders to their Venus fly traps.  (Yes, we’ve watched those as well, though I wouldn’t recommend them!)

Although this says it is for older readers, Hungry Plants by Mary Batten really keeps Monkey’s attention.  It explains the plants in text that is very readable without being watered down.

Carnivorous Plants by Cynthia Overbeck is much more dense, but Monkey still loves it.  It covers a wide range of plants not found in some other books.

This last one I only just discovered as I was putting together this post, so we haven’t read it yet but definitely will soon!  Elizabite: Adventures of a Carnivorous Plant by H.A. Rey looks just delightful, and a fun book to read alongside the more scientific ones.


31 Days of ABC - October 2014

This year I am proud to once again be hosting the collaborative series 31 Days of ABC.  Each day throughout the month a different blogger will share alphabet learning activities and resources.  Be sure to check out the full schedule, and link up your own alphabet posts below!

Oct 032014

This may by far be my strangest post yet, but indulge me: Monkey loves carnivorous plants.  Fascinated by them.  As a result, we all know about not just venus fly traps but also pitcher plants, waterwheels, and sundews.

And so, like any good mother, I try to feed my son’s interests (sorry, couldn’t help it!) plus inject a little fun into the whole proceedings.

Thus, our carnivorous plants food art – enjoy!

Carnivorous Plants Food Art

Venus Fly Trap

Carnivorous Plants Food Art | Alldonemonkey.com

Ah, those poor little beans, caught in a clever tortilla trap!

Carnivorous Plants Food Art | Alldonemonkey.com

Note the trigger hairs inside the trap itself.  Watch out, raisins!  You don’t want to touch those!

Long-Leafed Sundew

Carnivorous Plants Food Art | Alldonemonkey.com

Ay, poor cranberries, caught in a sticky honey trap!

Pitcher Plants

Carnivorous Plants Food Art | Alldonemonkey.com

The hapless raisins, forever stilled by the plant’s evil jello walls

Carnivorous Plants Food Art | Alldonemonkey.com

And finally, the innocent chocolate chips take a final slide down the slippery ice cream slopes to their doom.

How are you having fun with your kids lately??