Sep 272016
Biliteracy: Why It Matters for Your Bilingual Child

One of the most important ways we are passing on Hispanic heritage to our children is through teaching them Spanish. Helping them learn to read in Spanish (biliteracy) is a wonderful way to motivate them to continue learning the language, plus it is a great way to bond and show cariño to your kids! What is biliteracy […]

Sep 252016
US Presidential Debate Printable

The first presidential debate is tomorrow night, and since we have been studying about our elections, I made this free printable to use with kids while they watch. It is designed for elementary school aged children, to help them capture the major aspects of the debate and what purpose debates serve during an election. To […]

Sep 232016
The Aztec: Top Books for Kids

The Aztec were one of the greatest (and best known) civilizations of pre-Colombian America. They actually referred to themselves as the Mexica (pronounced “Meh-shee-kah”), which is where we get the name “Mexico” from. The term “Aztec” didn’t become popular until the 18th century, although there is evidence that the Mexica originally called themselves this because […]

Sep 162016
Gluten Free Rosh Hashanah Recipes

Looking for some great Rosh Hashanah recipes but worried about sticking to a gluten free diet? I’ve done the research for you to find Rosh Hashanah recipes that are also gluten free! Today I’m guest posting on Multicultural Kid Blogs to share some wonderful gluten free Rosh Hashanah recipes I’ve found. If you are like […]

Sep 012016
Choosing Traditional School

We’ve all heard about the mommy wars: stay at home moms vs. working moms, attachment parenting vs. babywise, cosleeping vs. crying it out, and so on. Now we can add another to the list: homeschool vs. traditional school. For years homeschool families have been on the defense – homeschooling was illegal in many places (and […]

Aug 252016
Mindfulness for Kids: Learning about Arabic Calligraphy

Teaching kids about mindfulness is an incredibly powerful way to help kids ground themselves and seek a calm center no matter what is going on around them. We often associate mindfulness with breathing exercises and focused movement like yoga, but thoughtful actions done as part of the creative process also help to center and focus. Practicing Arabic calligraphy […]

Aug 182016
Books that Celebrate Heritage

It is all well and good for adults to talk about the importance of celebrating your heritage, but what does that feel like for kids out there in the real world of gossiping peers and desperate attempts to fit in? Most kids don’t want to stand out, so they may be embarrassed by parents that cook “weird” food […]

Aug 112016
Mystery Books for Kids

A great way to grow a reader is to expose your child to different genres. Instead of reading the same kinds of books over and over, try exposing them to something different, like non-fiction picture books or biographies. One genre that we have really enjoyed is mysteries. While we typically associate mystery books with older children (and I […]

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