Aug 262015
Children's Books about Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year,  is coming soon!  To celebrate I’ve put together a list of books for children about this beautiful holiday.  Enjoy! This post contains affiliate links.  If you click through and make a purchase, I receive a small commission. Children’s Books about Rosh Hashanah Every year Katy looks forward to making […]

Aug 252015
3 Easy Ways to Use Music to Teach Preschool Spanish

Now that Little Monkey is approaching three years old, I’m incorporating more preschool activities into our homeschool.  One method that never gets old (and that my five year old loves as well) is music.  My boys both love to dance and sing, and music is playing constantly at our house and in the car.  Kids seem […]

Aug 212015
Folktales from Iran

Folktales are a great way for kids to learn about another culture. They teach about traditional values and ways of life and often include fantastical characters and incredible adventures that highlight life lessons and let kids dream of far-off lands long ago. Below are some of our favorite folktales from Iran. This post contains affiliate […]

Aug 192015
Raising Multilingual Kids: Can a Non-Native Speaker Raise Bilingual Children?

When it comes to raising bilingual children, many non-native speakers (such as myself!) are plagued with doubts.  How well can we really teach our children a second language? In the beginning, my husband and I used the One Parent One Language method.  In other words, he – as a native Spanish speaker – would speak […]

Aug 162015
Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop #30: Cartoon Rangoli

Welcome to the Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop! The Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop is a place where bloggers can share multicultural activities, crafts, recipes, and musings for our creative kids. We can’t wait to see what you share this time! Created by Frances of Discovering the World through My Son’s Eyes, the blog hop […]

Aug 132015
Zoroastrianism for Kids

This month for the Global Learning for Kids series from Multicultural Kid Blogs we are focusing on Iran, a country very dear to my heart!  Last year for the World Cup for Kids project, we were on Team Iran, publishing several posts on this beautiful country, including children’s books about Iran, Persian-inspired summer treats, and […]

Aug 052015
All-Natural Orange Pudding {Atol de Naranja}

Living in California, we are lucky enough to have orange trees in our backyard, and recently my husband and Little Monkey gathered up a huge bag of juicy oranges for us to enjoy.  We had to many, I decided it would be a good time to try my sister-in-law’s recipe for Costa Rican orange pudding, […]

Jul 302015
The Three Little Pigs: Fractured Fairy Tales

Do you love fractured fairy tales as much as we do?  Monkey is at the perfect age to “get” the jokes in these modified fairy tales, so lately we’ve been enjoying as many variations as we can get our hands on of one of his favorites: The Three Little Pigs.  How well do you know […]

Jul 282015
Lebanon Unit Study

This month (while taking plenty of time off for summer break) we have been focusing on Lebanon, as part of our world cultures homeschool curriculum. It is a beautiful country with a rich history and culture that are definitely worth exploring! Below is an outline of our unit study: Lebanon Unit Study This post contains […]

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