Feb 112016
Children's Books about Pets

Children are drawn to animals, and so they are a feature of many beloved children’s books, from the big red dog to the curious little monkey.  Here are some of our favorite children’s books about pets and animals friends. Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of Whispers of the Wolf for review purposes; however, all […]

Feb 092016
Printable Bookmarks for Ayyam-i-Ha

With the approach of the Bahá’í holiday of Ayyam-i-Ha, many of us like to share treats or small gifts with friends or in our children’s classrooms.  These printable bookmarks are an easy, fun way to share the spirit of the holiday and teach a little something about what we were are celebrating. I chose some […]

Feb 052016
Lincoln: Books and Writing Prompts

In honor of President’s Day, here are some great books about Lincoln and his times to read with your kids, as well as some prompts for writing or discussion.  Lincoln is really one of those great people in history to teach our children about, so prepare to be inspired! This post contains affiliate links.  If […]

Feb 032016
Chinese New Year Learning Activities

The Year of the Monkey is almost here, and I am excited to tell you about some wonderful Chinese New Year learning activities you can do with your kids to celebrate!  What’s great about this packet is that it can be used any year, not just for the Year of the Monkey. Disclosure: I received […]

Feb 012016
George Washington Carver: Facts, Activities, and Resources

George Washington Carver is known to many of us as the “Peanut Scientist.”  But in researching this article, I discovered that he was so much more!  He was a real people’s scientist, always focusing on what would be practically useful to the common man and making sure to share this knowledge with him.  His life […]

Jan 282016
Ayyam-i-Ha Countdown Flower

The Bahá’í holiday of Ayyam-i-Ha is coming soon, and while I loved the countdown chain we’ve done previously, this year I wanted to jazz it up a little and do something a little more crafty and maybe even pretty. A popular symbol among Bahá’ís is the nine-pointed star, since the number nine symbolizes unity.  I […]

Jan 262016
Find Diverse Books with Multicultural Children's Book Day

Many parents and educators want to share diverse books with children but have trouble finding them.  Thankfully Mia Wenjen from Pragmatic Mom and Valarie Budayr from Jump Into a Book/Audrey Press created Multicultural Children’s Book Day, a unique event whose mission is to not only raise awareness for the kid’s books that celebrate diversity, but […]

Jan 252016
Middle Grade Goddess Fiction

Do you have a daughter who loves to dress up as a princess?  Inspire her with a tale of a real-life princess or a story of a goddess from mythology! Every little girl, it seems, wants to be a princess; yet the lessons many princess stories teach are questionable at best: Sit around and look […]

Jan 222016
Bilingual Board Books {Multicultural Children's Book Day}

Do you live in a bilingual household or simply want to teach your kids a little Spanish?  Bilingual board books are a wonderful way to introduce your children to Spanish at an early age, and the text is simple enough for kids (and adults!) that have only a rudimentary understanding of the language. Disclosure: I […]

Jan 202016
Healthy Desserts for Kids

Cooking with kids is such a fun family activity, plus it’s a great way to teach healthy eating habits!  We love sweets in our house, so when possible I try to choose healthy desserts and have my kids to help me make them.  They are always surprised to see how healthy ingredients can make such […]

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