Apr 102012
 April 10, 2012  parenting

In an alternate world I remembered to start a load of laundry before we left the house.

I got your hair to lay down flat for once, and I noticed before we got into the car that my socks didn’t match.

I remembered to pack your favorite CD to listen to in the car, and our bag was full of nutritious, delicious snacks in convenient containers.

In an alternate world I found a good parking spot, and we didn’t have to trudge quite so far through the cold rain.

We arrived at the train museum on time, just as the doors were opening for the day, instead of an hour late, as usual.

But in that alternate world, maybe you wouldn’t have squealed at the sight of those gleaming engines.

You wouldn’t have hopped up and down when we turned the corner and saw your favorite train with the bright red wheels.

In an alternate world, maybe you wouldn’t have held my hand on the stairs, even though you outgrew the need long ago.

You wouldn’t have knelt so intently in front of the toy trains, your small tongue poking out in concentration as you wheeled the tiny caboose up and down the hills.

And I wouldn’t be sitting here watching, thinking that I am the luckiest girl in the entire world to be here with you.

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  5 Responses to “In an Alternate World”

  1. How beautiful. So many of the moments we love are not at all what we had planned!

  2. What a beautiful post. I know exactly what you mean. Personally I prefer the world with the mismatched socks (Lord knows I’ve been there) and holding hands with little ones who won’t be little for long.

  3. Life’s beauty is found in the little moments of chaos! Thanks for sharing this at Natural Mother’s Seasonal Celebration Sunday! x

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