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Think you know Farmer’s Markets?  Check out this enormous market (feria) held every Sunday in Zapote (San Jose), Costa Rica!  We are in Costa Rica visiting family and so were able to stop by this past Sunday.

La feria Costa Rica

A view from the street

Desde la calle

La Feria Costa Rica

Vendors’ stalls

Los vendedores

La feria Costa Rica

Palm fruit/Peach palms


Peach palms/Palm fruits


Vendor's stall farmer's market Costa Rica - Feria

Green and red peppers

Chiles verdes y rojos

Aguacate y sandia feria Costa Rica

Avocados (black and green) and watermelon

Aguacate y sandia

La feria Costa Rica

The weather in Costa Rica is very changeable this time of year.  This past Sunday it was hot and humid in the morning, so many people used umbrellas for a little shade.

En esta epoca el clima en Costa Rica es muy variable.  El domingo pasado estaba caliente entonces la gente usaba sombrillas para protegerse del sol.Feria Costa Rica

Eggplants, lettuce, zucchini, peppers, papaya, pineapple

Berenjena, lechuga, zuchini, chiles, papaya, pina

Green beans, cas guava, different kinds of squash

Zapallitos, chayote, vainica, cas, ayotePina Feria Costa Rica



Papaya yuca papas feria Costa Rica

Papayas, yucca, potatoes

Papayas, yuca, papas

Vender chances feria Costa Rica

Selling lottery tickets

Vendiendo chances (la loteria)

Papayas Feria Costa Rica



Nuestras compras la feria Costa Rica

Cherimoya, bananas, cauliflower, avocados, mangoes, tamarind, blackberries, and apples.  Total spent?  Less than $10!

Chirimoya, bananas, coliflor, aguacate, mango, tamarindo, moras, y manzanas.  Gasto total?  Menos de $10!

Many thanks to my dear husband for taking these pictures!

Mil gracias a mi querido esposo por tomar las fotos!

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  15 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Costa Rican Farmer's Market (La Feria)”

  1. Thank you for linking up with me!! These pics are great, I’m just wishing I could go there every week instead of my tiny Farmer’s Market with only 2 stalls. Costa Rica is one of my dream destinations, thanks for sharing these 😀

    • Glad to have found your blog! We are lucky enough to live near a great farmer’s market in California, but it is nothing like this one! I just can’t imagine being able to buy great locally grown mangoes, pineapples, etc. every week!

  2. Wow, that is a FABULOUS Farmers’ Market!! 🙂

  3. Thanks for linking up to Wordless Wednesday Again! These photos were truly wonderful with the large variety of things to eat – yummy things! If I wasn’t so full from my dinner, this would make my mouth water! What a great place!

  4. This looks just amazing! I wouldn’t know where to start! Yes, I do-the pineapple!! Thanks for sharing this-I feel healthier just looking at it :^)

    • Yes, we had a wonderful time! The great thing about farmer’s markets is that they are a gift that keeps on giving! We are still enjoying the fruits and veggies we bought that day 🙂

  5. Looks like an amazing farmers market! What a wonderful selection!

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  8. Awesome! I love farmers markets. Someday I hope we get the chance to live in a place where we can have one open every day, all summer long. ♥ Great pictures!

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