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Duck and Goose Find A Pumpkin: Pumpkin Hunt and Matching Game | Alldonemonkey.com

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This morning when my little Monkey woke up, one of his favorite books was waiting on the table, and a game was about to begin!

Although the weather is still incredibly hot here, I am determined to acknowledge the beginning of autumn, so I wanted to make some fun fall activities for my little Monkey.  Since he loves the wonderful Duck & Goose series by Tad Hills, I decided to use their fall story Duck & Goose Find A Pumpkin to create some games for him.

This book is all about Duck and Goose’s search through the woods to find a pumpkin.  They look in the leaf pile, the apple tree, the pond, and so on until a friend finally tells them about the pumpkin patch!Duck and Goose Find A Pumpkin: Pumpkin Hunt and Matching Game | Alldonemonkey.com

We are going to a pumpkin patch in a few days, so I thought my little Monkey would have fun recreating this search in our living room.  I cut ten small pumpkins out of craft foam, using the same template I used for our Pumpkin Suncatcher, just scaled down to a smaller size.

I used various colors because, frankly, I didn’t have enough orange craft foam on hand, but let’s say it was to help him practice his color recognition ;).  To add an extra educational element, I numbered the pumpkins 1-10.

Last night I hid them around our living room, making sure to have some hiding places that were rather obvious and some a little less so.  Of course, you can vary the difficulty depending on the age and ability of your child.  We had so much fun running around finding all of the pumpkins, and afterwards we lined them all up in a row from 1 to 10.  He loves practicing his numbers, so he really enjoyed that aspect of the game as well.

Duck and Goose Find A Pumpkin: Pumpkin Hunt and Matching Game | Alldonemonkey.com

Duck and Goose Find A Pumpkin: Pumpkin Hunt and Matching Game | Alldonemonkey.com

Duck and Goose Find A Pumpkin: Pumpkin Hunt and Matching Game | Alldonemonkey.com

I also made a matching game for the book.  As Duck and Goose look in all of the various places for their pumpkin, it provides the opportunity to discuss what can be found in all of the locations they search.  The pumpkin isn’t in the apple tree, but what is?  Apples!  And so on.

To build on this, I created a matching game that would let my little Monkey match the objects to their proper places (apple to the apple tree, leaf to the leaf pile, etc.)  The first page of the matching game contains the objects, and the second page of the matching game contains the locations.

Duck and Goose Find A Pumpkin: Pumpkin Hunt and Matching Game | Alldonemonkey.com

As you can see, I won’t be illustrating any children’s books soon, but we’re all about developing our kids’ imaginations, right? 🙂

Duck and Goose Find A Pumpkin: Pumpkin Hunt and Matching Game | Alldonemonkey.com

Happy autumn, everyone, and hope you enjoy these games (and this great book!) as much as we do!

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  1. I love these games! What wonderful ideas and you will be illustrating a children’s book long before I will:-) What a wonderful way to build extra learning activities onto a favorite book. I love reading about your ideas.

  2. I love it!! You’re such a fun Mommy!!

  3. Don’t give up on your illustrating dreams just yet, I don’t think they’re that bad! 🙂

  4. These are wonderful learning games, and I adore Duck and Goose!

    Thanks for linking up to Learning Laboratory!

  5. Such a cute idea!! You may like my Ten Apples On Top activity too! http://stavishclan.com/2012/10/easy-fall-craft-with-ten-apples-up-on-top.html
    My three year old had a blast with it

  6. thanks for hosting the kit lit hop again! 🙂 this is so cute and i love the activity!

  7. Omigosh Leanna – you are so creative! What a fun little game you created. Thanks for contributing this post to the Kid Lit Blog Hop! You sure are a busy mama! 😀

  8. Hola Leanna!!!

    I’m going to have to steal this idea from you. :))) This is a great interactive activity to do with a fun book! Thanks for sharing!

  9. This game looks so fun! Also, I found foam pumpkin pieces at the Dollar Tree, 12 for a dollar. Just fyi 😉 Thanks for hosting!

  10. Who doesn’t love a great Duck and Goose storybook! I love the game and think that your artistic skills far exceed some of mine so do not sell yourself short. Thank you for linking up this week to my Enchanted Thursdays Blog Hop!

  11. That book is so cute. I love the find a pumpkin game! Thanks for sharing at Mom’s Library!

  12. Wonderful ideas to being the book alive, I have never heard of the Duck and Goose series. I will need to check them out. Thanks for sharing at my Our Favorite Things Link Party

  13. What fun ideas! And such a sweet story!

    Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a great week and I look forward to seeing you linked up again on Friday,
    Beth =-)

  14. I like the Duck & Goose books a lot. Thanks for linking up to The Children’s Bookshelf.

  15. I love all of the amazing elements within this matching game.

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