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Fir in winter landscape - Homemade Snow Cream - Alldonemonkey.comWhen I was a kid, one of our favorite things to do on a snowy day was to run outside with our bowls and scoop up fresh snow to make homemade snow cream.

We would run back inside and mix up our creations as quickly as we could, so the snow wouldn’t have a chance to melt.  Talk about a little bit of heaven!

I was chatting with some of my siblings about this recently, and it’s funny how memory works – the only ingredient we all agreed on (besides the snow!) was vanilla.  My brother (always the purist!) remembers adding only vanilla.  My sister and I, on the other hand, both remember adding a bit of sugar, plus she remembers stirring in some milk.  My niece says you really should try it with cinnamon…

I went to my parents for the official version, but I guess when it comes to something like homemade snow cream, there really is no official version.  They say they remember making it (with us and when they were kids) with just snow and vanilla, but they obviously gave us freedom as kids to invent our own creations.

So feel free to do the same!  Run outside with your bowls this winter, scoop up some fresh snow, and see what you come up with in the kitchen!

Just remember my father’s advice (especially if you have any outdoor pets) and don’t use the yellow snow. 🙂

Homemade Snow Cream -

Homemade Snow Cream




Optional additions: Milk, sugar, cinnamon

Girl Packing Snowball - Homemade Snow Cream -

Did you make homemade snow cream when you were a kid?  What was your favorite combination?

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  10 Responses to “Homemade Snow Cream”

  1. Never heard of it, but it sounds really cool! Might try some with Nico, if we get enough snow this winter, I’m sure he’d like it 🙂

  2. I guess I am way too “city” I’ve never heard of this or done this!!!

    • Lol Aisha, you may not want to try this with city snow! We lived for a time in a very urban area, and I clearly remember all the gray and black snow we would pass on the roads on the way to school!

  3. I agree with Aisha I never heard of this either. I can only recall my Mom telling us not to eat the snow… LOL So we just stuck our tongues out and let the flakes fall in our mouths. 🙂

  4. Great idea Leanna and not one I have heard of before! Thanks for linking this with us;-) Rebecca x

  5. We never made snow cream like you describe here but I do remember making something out of snow and maple syrup at a neighbor’s house when I was very young. Your version sounds really fun.

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