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 December 18, 2012  admin

Today we take time to honor the victims of the tragedy in Sandy Hook, as well as the victims of violent crimes everywhere and all those children who leave this world before their time, whether from violence, disease, or poverty.

Let us join together to pray for a world where the innocence and joy of childhood is honored and protected and that the families and communities affected will be healed and comforted.

Want to Help?

Here are two ideas to honor the victims and families of the Sandy Hook shooting:

  1. 26 Acts of Kindness: Tens of thousands of people from around the world have joined in the spontaneous movement to commit acts of kindness in the name of the shooting victims.  The bad guys may get the headlines, but the good guys can make a difference that is just as lasting.  Kindness is contagious: spread some today.
  2. Donate to support funds: You can either donate through the Newtown Youth and Family Services Sandy Hook School Support Fund or the United Way of Western Connecticut.

This holiday season, let us remember those families who are suffering, whether from this tragedy or the many tragedies around the world that claim innocent lives.  Please spread the word and prove through our actions and prayers that this world can be a better place.

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