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This Valentine’s Day I wanted to write something from my heart for my two little Valentines, to attempt to convey those sentiments that tend to get lost in the day to day.

What would you like to tell your children about how you feel about them?

Love Note to My Sons on Valentines Day - Alldonemonkey.com

To my boys:

I want you both to know how much you were wanted.

You were my dream, which for many years I thought might never come true.

And now you are my everyday – my crying, jumping, kissing, singing everyday.

Love Note to My Sons on Valentines Day - Alldonemonkey.com

I hope one day you realize even one tiny part of how much I love you,

How my morning can’t start without those little hugs,

and how I will drop everything for one of those messy kisses.

Love Note to My Sons on Valentines Day - Alldonemonkey.com

You are worth it:

Worth the years of waiting for the “right time,”

Worth the agony of miscarriage,

Worth the aches and pains of pregnancy and childbirth,

Worth the sleeplessness and bewilderment of babyhood,

The tantrums and recklessness of toddlerhood.

Love Note to My Sons on Valentines Day - Alldonemonkey.com

Worth the worry over coughs and fevers,

Worth every penny of those toy trucks and cars you didn’t need but had to have,

Worth all the trips to the playground, the library, the train museum, and the park,

Worth listening to your favorite songs over and over and over again.

Love Note to My Sons on Valentines Day - Alldonemonkey.com

Worth it all just to see one smile,

to hear that incredible belly laugh, that sweet baby cooing,

to watch you wave those tiny arms in your crib or do your wild dance around the living room.

Worth it all just to hug you each morning and tuck you in each night.

Love Note to My Sons on Valentines Day - Alldonemonkey.com

And so I hope that one day, when you have both moved on to your own adventures,

that you will think kindly of the old lady who loves you so much,

and remember to call sometimes, or even better, come to visit,

so she can squeeze your cheeks one more time and hold you just a little longer,

and ask you again and again if you are happy.

And I hope, more than anything, that you can always tell her yes.

Happy Valentines Day, everyone, to you and yours –

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  11 Responses to “Love Note to My Sons on Valentine’s Day”

  1. Such beautiful words that capture such deep love. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Sweet 🙂

  3. What a beautiful love note to your children!

  4. This is so beautifully written. I can identify with all of these emotions…the sense of loss after miscarriages, the worry, and so on, but mostly the joy and fulfillment that comes with being a mother. I do hope you’ll remember to share this with your boys again as they get older.

  5. So beautiful Leanna!

  6. Love this Leanna – so sweet and from the heart.

  7. Love your note for your sons! It is so beautiful. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  8. So touching. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Just beautiful! Your boys are so fortunate to be spending their early years so enveloped in love. I know they reflect it right back, too! Hope you all had a beautiful Valentine’s Day!

  10. Thanks, everyone! As you can tell, this was a special post for me, so I appreciate your comments!

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