May 172013
 May 17, 2013  bilingualism, multiculturalism

When Daddy Has an Accent - Alldonemonkey on The European MamaI am so excited today to be posting on The European Mama.  Olga is a friend of mine from Multicultural Kid Blogs. Many of you will remember the wonderful post she wrote for me earlier this year on the role of church in their lives, even though they are not religious.  This post was one of the reasons I started my Parenting and Faith series.

One of the topics Olga blogs about is multilingualism, so when she asked for some help after her baby was born, I decided to write about how our Monkey has started to notice the differences in how my husband and I speak, even correcting his Daddy’s English!

So hop on over and read our post, and while you’re there be sure to check out Olga’s wonderful site:

When Daddy Has an Accent: A Very Special Friday on the European Mama

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