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Summertime Treats Around the World - World Citizen Wednesdays on Alldonemonkey.comWelcome to World Citizen Wednesday!

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This week we ask…

What are favorite summertime treats for kids where you are?

Natalie of Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns: Well, now I am also “here”, but back home in Belarus we had a summer drink called kvass. It’s a drink made out of fermented rye bread, and we could buy it from a special stalls that were selling it. I have never tried to make it at home, but looked up a recipe out of curiosity.
The drink is not alcoholic (by Russian standards anyway), and children could buy and drink it anytime.

MaryAnne of Mama Smiles: Watermelon!!! Also juice pops.

Leanna of All Done Monkey: We love ice cream and popsicles.

Annabelle of the piri-piri lexicon: Ice cream, ice pops or any other way you like to call frozen deserts. We now make our own too. Great way to get the kids eating fruits.

Jill of Moms Gone Global: During our long, hot summer days in Florida, we’ve been enjoying frozen grapes! They’re fun to eat, nutritious and quite refreshing!

Ute of expatsincebirth: Watermelon (as much as you can get!), juice pops, ice cream in Italy and ice cream, all sorts of berries (in cakes, juice pops etc.) in Switzerland/Germany.  We did frozen fruit too, and frozen deserts are always a treat!

Sarita of A Hotchpotch Hijabi in Italy: In Italy they’re all about gelato and kinder.

Amanda of Miss Panda Chinese: Here are the traditional and popular iced drinks you will find in Taiwan. Jelly Fig drink- 愛玉 – Ai yu: a transparent light yellow colored jello pieces in sweet water with ice. Maison drink – 仙草 – Xian cao: black jello pieces in sweet water with ice. White Gourd drink – 冬瓜茶 – Dong Gua tea: a yummy sweet drink made from sweet white gourd cubes. We also make our own red beans or green beans pops at home. Yum!

I don’t have the recipes for making the Jelly Fig Jello, Maison Jello, and white gourd cubes because people buy the jellos and cubes in the day market. We cube the fig jello and put them in the sweetened lemon water. We cube the Maison jello and put them in the sweetened water. As to the white gourd cube, we cook it in the boiling water until it dissolves. I make the red beans and green beans pops at home. One cup of red/green beans with 5 to 6 cups of water. Boil until the beans are tender. Add dark brown sugar. Cool and freeze. You can add some condensed milk on the red bean pops when you are ready to eat it.

Jennifer of The Good Long Road: Watermelon and apples are favorites in the summer. Love that my boys want hydrating fruits after playing outside in the heat. We also get icees/slushies in the summer as treats sometimes too!

Miwa of cranes and clovers: Here in Japan we enjoy anmitsu and kakigori. Anmitsu is a dessert with small cubes of jelly made from seaweed served with fruit and sweet red bean paste. Kakigori is basically the same thing as snow cones, but a little bit fluffier. I love kakigori topped with matcha (green tea syrup).

Juliette of The Art of Home Education: (Water)melon, ice cream, popsicles, rainbow fruit -> different colorful fruits on a stick. Netherlands

Carrie of Crafty Moms Share: Ice cream and watermelon

Ana of SpanglishBaby: We’re all about watermelons, peaches and paletas every summer day!

Kim of Mama Mzungu: Well, it’s “summer” all year long here on the equator, but kids these parts love chomping on sugar cane and fresh watermelon as a treat!

Becky of Kid World Citizen: LOTS of batidos/smoothies– milk, fruit, and some sugar!:) WHen we mix in cashews, almonds, or peanuts we call them power smoothies for swim team.

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