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 September 11, 2013  World Citizen Wednesdays

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Following up on our post from last week remembering 9-11, this week we ask…

What lessons would you like to teach your children about September 11th?

Kat of Hapa Mom:  Don’t panic, be prepared for disasters, and be grateful for every day you have with your loved ones.  Here is a post I wrote about 9/11 and the Boston marathon.

Natalie of Afterschool for Smarty Pants: In addition, I want to teach my daughter that even though bad things happen, the best response is not to be intimidated by then to the point of changing your way of life. This is what terrorists want, and that’s something that we, as a society, must resist.

Sheila of Pennies of Time: For the past year, we’ve been teaching our kids how to be the helpers in times of disaster. We are trying to teach them how to help those that are far away and affected by disaster and help in our own community during a disaster. Here are a couple of posts:

Making First Aid Kits for Disaster Survivors

How Kids Can Help in Time of Disaster

2 Boys Help with Oklahoma Tornado Relief

Jennifer of The Good Long Road: I think for me, given that I was just starting at Middle East Studies program in Boston when 9/11 happened, one of the most important things for me is to teach my sons to never judge an entire group of people by the acts of a few. I knew so many colleagues in my program who were very loving, caring and patriotic individuals who were treated so poorly because of the way they looked or because of their religion. I also had professors who shared stories of their children being bullied at school for the same reasons.

Further reading

Here are some great articles on talking to Muslim children about September 11:

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  1. will link to my 9/11 post. We lost 8 people from Newton, MA on that terrible day.

  2. All of these responses from parents to the children have touched my heart. It is a shame we have to prepare our children for disaster, yet necessary. Thank you for the resources, I am saving them.

  3. […] p.s. Leanna at All Done Monkey has wonderful post to teach kids lessons from 9/11. […]

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