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 September 25, 2013  World Citizen Wednesdays

Looking Back and Looking Ahead - Achievements from the Past Year and Goals for the Next  - World Citizen Wednesdays on Alldonemonkey.comWelcome to World Citizen Wednesday!

Each week we pose a question to members of the fabulous Multicultural Kid Blogs group and share their answers here.

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Multicultural Kid Blogs is celebrating our First Anniversary, so this week we ask…

What are you proud of accomplishing this past year? What is a goal of yours for the coming year?

Olga of The European Mama: I gave birth, got some sponsored posts, got more readers for my blog, my little girl started walking, my big girl went to school. I am also very proud of the fact that I write for World Moms Blog! As for the new year: get more readers, more sponsored posts, get some time for myself, and for my children…

Jennifer of The Good Long Road: I am proud that my husband and I self-distributed and released our latest award-winning film, SMUGGLED, and that I have been able to get some incredible press coverage for the film, like a feature story by ABC/Univision and that we are now successfully reaching out to universities/colleges and community groups to share the film and its message. My goal for the coming year involves securing funding for our next film project and for our Spotlight on Hope Film Program to become an ongoing program that provides free film classes and other digital arts classes to children with cancer.

Ute of expatsincebirth: Well, this last year I discovered the bloggosphere and really got hooked. I did publish several guest posts and got some offers to publish on some interesting sites. I did work a lot as language trainer and was very involved at school (but for this year I decided that I’ve done enough) – I’m working on a book project (not yet decided if it will be an e-book or not) and I’ll become an expat counsellor/coach soon. Something I already do, but that I want to become my main profession.

Kristen of Toddling in the Fast Lane: We took our 2 yr old across the world & visited a country none of us had been to before and where we didn’t speak the language.  Goal for next year: I would like to do a triathlon (sprint).

Rina Mae of Finding Dutchland: Overall, I’m really proud of being able to finally sleep a solid 7 consecutive hours almost on a regular basis after surviving on only two to three consecutive hours of sleep for solid 8 months (this is not an exaggeration).  And most recently, finding my own voice and finally taking the jump to become a “writer”/blogger. As of this weekend, a post of mine, inspired by this group, has gotten quite a bit of attention. I might just get somewhere with this.  Goal for next year: Continuing my pursuit of writing.  Pipe-dream: To have an article published on the Huffington Post. One can dream right? Even if I never get there, I love trying anyway!

Jonathan of Dad’s the way I like it: Proud of becoming a dad in April, goal for coming year is to succeed in achieving work/life balance than enables me to spend as much time with my wife and son as possible.

Leanna of All Done Monkey: Most importantly this past year we welcomed our baby boy, and our older son became a big brother and started preschool.  And of course, Multicultural Kid Blogs was born!  This coming year I would like to see this group grow even more at the same time as I find a way to get more sleep!

Jaime of Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails: Might be silly but I am proud that I figured out how to go to the store with 3 kids under the age of 5yr by myself. And I hope to be able to start doing even more fun outing with all 3 of them in the up coming year. Hopefully once baby becomes a toddler it might get easier to say take them all to the park by myself and play with them:)

Natalie of Afterschool for Smarty Pants: Great question. This year I underwent a pretty agressive treatment for a chronic condition. It was difficult, but I am hoping that in November I can be declared “cured”. Next year I am hoping to find a new job and continue a juggling act as a full time working mom and a blogger.

Cecilia of Spanglish House: Teaching kids at home, working from home, blogging and loving it. For this coming year probably I want to keep teaching, working, I want to write more, smile more and see my parents!!!

Amanda of Expat Life with a Double Buggy: I’m proud that this year we had the courage to stand up to my son’s school and act in his best interest and when we were met with deaf ears to find a new school that listened. It was a lot of stress, a big change for a little 6 year old – but we’ve all come though it happier and stronger. I’m proud I followed my mother’s instinct! My goal for the coming year is to start writing my book!

Frances of Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes:  My proudest moment has been listening to my child speak to me in Spanish, and I love the “short” conversations that we have in Spanish. My goal for this year is to continue with our bilingual journey, and some day have “full” conversations in Spanish with him.

Heidi of 2 Kurious Kids: Over the last year I overcame my fear of speaking in public…. I spoke to over a dozen elementary schools in CA – one group over 400 students! It is such an amazing experience being able to encourage children, parents & teachers to learn about different cultures and inspre kids to follow their dreams. I am looking forward to speaking to even more schools this year!

Annika of Be Bilingual: Last year I wrote and published my book on bilingualism and put my heart and soul in it. It was something I just had to do and when it was done I felt great! I still do, knowing that hundreds of people have read it already and having met so many new multilingual families both online and also face to face at the places where I’ve been asked to speak about the subject. I’m more excited about bilingualism than ever!

Lina of Best 4 Future: This make me proud: I raise my three girls healthy and happy.They make a good progress in learning Chinese. And I got hired as a Chinese school teacher and go to Chinese school with my oldest daughter.  A goal for next year: a healthy and happy family with more progress in children education and my personal career.

Varya of Creative World of Varya: What makes me proud: I have 2 girls who are healthy and happy and grow to become true global citizens. I have lovely real life and online friends. I am finally what I like to do.  New goals: I hope everything stays in balance as it is right now

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