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Garbanzo Mashed Potatoes - Allergen Free Diet - Alldonemonkey.comThis past spring, suspecting that Monkey might have undiagnosed food allergies, we put him on a strict allergen-free diet for several weeks and then slowly began introducing possible allergens to test his reactions.

Thankfully, he did not react to any of them, so he was able to resume his normal diet after a few weeks, but they were some very looooong weeks.  I have utmost respect for anyone who must follow this sort of diet all the time because, although there are many more resources available now than ever before, it is still very difficult to maintain.

Even more to try to enforce on a picky preschooler!  I was not at all sure how Monkey was going to react to having so many of his favorite foods eliminated, but he did amazingly well, and we discovered several new recipes that we are still using today (you can find them on my Elimination Diet Pinterest board).

I also by chance came up with this recipe while attempting to invent another variation on a gluten-free bean burger.  As the base, I was using mashed potatoes, to which I added garbanzo beans, olive oil, and seasonings.

Before long Monkey was poking his nose over the counter asking what I was making, so I let him try some before I tried forming it into patties.  Next thing I knew he was handing me a bowl and asking for “More, please, Mommy!”

And so our garbanzo mashed potatoes were born.  They did make decent burgers, by the way, but we much prefer them served with a spoon as Monkey ate them that first time.

Whether you are trying to eliminate allergens, go gluten-free, or just incorporate more beans into your child’s diet, this is an easy, delicious dish you can use.  Thanks to the garbanzo beans it is so creamy, yet the taste of the beans is so mild that Monkey did not even notice it.  This dish is the ultimate comfort food plus the protein and minus the guilt!  It also makes wonderful baby food!

Garbanzo Mashed Potatoes - Allergen Free Diet - Alldonemonkey.com


4-5 medium potatoes

1 can garbanzo beans, drained and rinsed

1 – 2 T olive oil or coconut oil

Salt and garlic powder to taste

Rice milk to desired consistency

Garbanzo Mashed Potatoes - Allergen-Free Diet - Alldonemonkey.com

Chop potatoes and steam them until soft.

Cool a bit then place them and all other ingredients in a food processor.  Mix until creamy.

Add more rice milk as desired and adjust seasonings.

Note: If you use coconut oil, beware that this may give a slightly sweet taste to the dish.




  7 Responses to “Garbanzo Mashed Potatoes {Allergen-Free Diet}”

  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmm this is something we may enjoy at home! I have the ingredients so I’m going to venture out and make it. 😉 Thank you for sharing! Will be pinning!

  2. That looks yummy and it seems quite easy to do. I will give a try this fall. It must be comfort soup for cold days. Thank you for sharing. By the way, I added your site into my “link” page (http://www.best4future.com/blog/links). Keep in touch!

    • Thank you so much! Yes, it is great comfort food for the fall! And thank you for adding me! It is so nice connecting with you 🙂

  3. I’m so glad to hear Monkey doesn’t have food allergies – and that you discovered this great recipe!

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