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Letter "D" Game for the Active Child - Alldonemonkey.comI am always a bit envious when I see the adorable crafts people do with their little ones.  Although Monkey and I occasionally do crafts together, he is really a running, jumping, climbing kind of a kid, and I try to respect that.

So when we reached the letter “D” in our preschool co-op last year, I tried to come up with a learning activity that would really get the kids moving around.

I gathered a number of Monkey’s toys and stuffed animals then got to work.

I made 7 markers on the floor lines with the masking tape then put a toy at the end of each line, following the sequence below.  The kids lined up behind the first line.  [If you are playing with a single child at home, you can just make rectangular markers, as shown in the picture].

Letter "D" Game for the Active Child - Alldonemonkey.com

At each line they had to do a certain “D” related action before all advancing together to the next line.  The sequence was as follows:

Letter "D" Game for the Active Child - Alldonemonkey.com

1) Roar and stomp like a Dinosaur

2) Quack like a Duck

3) Bark like a Dog

4) Make a “D” with their body

5) Trace a “D” in the air with their finger

6) Drum on their knees

7) Dance!

When they reached the final line, they all got to dance around as their “prize.”  Feel free to let general mayhem ensue 😉

Letter "D" Game for the Active Child - Alldonemonkey.com

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31 Days of ABCs - October 2013

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  1. I love this ACTIVE activity!

  2. So fun! This is such a great idea – I’m pinning it!

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