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Resources to Teach Geography - Alldonemonkey.com

A key part of raising a world citizen is teaching your child about geography.  Maps help us understanding how the world connects as well as how people have attempted to represent it.  Map-reading is a key component of geo-literacy and a tool that will help open up the world to your child.  Here are some great resources you can use to teach your child about geography.


DIY Geography Activities

Weather Around the World - Mama Smiles

Get kids interacting with a map by tracking weather around the world with this game from Mama Smiles…

Kid World Citizen Where_Our_Food_is_From

…or discovering where in the world their food comes from, with this activity from Kid World Citizen.

Kid World Citizen has lots of other fun geography activities, like taking a poll of places visited, mapping your own backyard or playground, going geo-caching, or doing this adorable “my place in the world” craft project.

Afterschool for Smarty Pants - Mountains

You can also teach about geographic elements by using activities like these from Afterschool for Smarty Pants to teach about mountains.


Bring Maps to Life

Kid World Citizen - 3D Salt Dough Maps

You can also bring maps off the page by making 3D salt dough maps like these from Kid World Citizen or getting a bumpy map to help kids “see” with their fingers.

Plushkies - Alldonemonkey.com

You can also power your children’s imagination with toys, like these innovative ones from Plushkies.  Each toy is shaped like a country on the map, so kids get a hands-on experience with geography. (Currently available are toys for Mexico, USA, China, and Italy).

Plushkies are great for snuggling or for imaginative play. Younger kids will enjoy the soft feel of Plushkies, and older ones will have fun with the characters represented by each toy.

Games and Apps

Kid World Citizen has also compiled several lists of fun apps to help kids learn geography (Best Apps for Kids to Learn Geography and Five Map Apps for Kids) plus an online world map quiz and geography game.

You can also use the fun board games to teach geography.

Why stop with just teaching your child geography?  Teach them Spanish at the same time with these great resources from Spanish Playground: online map quizzes in Spanish and resources to teach geography in Spanish.

Geography Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is such a great resource for educational tools.  Here are some of our favorite boards for teaching geography:

Geography for Kids - Pinterest - Alldonemonkey

My own Geography for Kids board

Geography and Preschool Geography from Afterschool for Smarty Pants

International Faves from Open Wide the World

What are your favorite resources for teaching geography?

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Plushkies toy for review purposes, but all the opinions here are my own.

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  1. Great post and resources. In reference to the kid world citizen site, I wish that geo-literacy was actually taught in school when I was in instead of geography. This is exactly how children should be taught about geography, not simply capitals of countries – this has absolutely no effect or meaning of a child, they need to be able to comprehend their surroundings not be told memorize this and you pass. I personally find myself dumb in educated in the area of geo-literacy because it wasn’t incorporated in my education and it saddens me that I could’ve been that much more prepared for the world had it been a subject. My daughter will definitely grow up with geo-literacy and not geography because it’s all one in my mind to mean anything.

  2. I love this post Leanna! So many great resources – I’m pinning it now – thank you!!

  3. Great post. I also pinning it to my geography board…

  4. […] Resources to Teach Geography – All Done Monkey […]

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