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X is for X-Ray {31 Days of ABCs} - Alldonemonkey.com

I am so thrilled to be hosting 31 Days of ABCs this month along with 30 amazing bloggers.  Each day during October, a different blogger is showcasing an activity to teach children a letter of the alphabet.  Today it is our turn, with letter “X”!  You can read the full schedule to learn along with us, and be sure to link up your ABC posts, too!  You can also follow along on our Pinterest board!

I was so excited this past spring when our preschool co-op reached the letter “X.”  Monkey has been fascinated by x-rays, part of why he has been so interested in skeletons this Halloween.  Besides the bones, of course, I also think he just likes to make the “x” sound!

X is for X-Ray {31 Days of ABCs} - Alldonemonkey.com

So I came up with a simple, fun activity to teach the letter “X” – our very own x-ray machine!

First I took one of the (many) diaper boxes in our house and covered the front with black construction paper.  We also had to have “on” and “off” buttons, of course.

X is for X-Ray {31 Days of ABCs} - Alldonemonkey.com

Then I found some x-ray images online.  It is a bit difficult to find ones that aren’t too gruesome to show preschoolers!  I also tried to make them kid-size before printing.  I made sure to find some that matched toys that we had around the house, including a T-Rex, a fish, and a car.

X is for X-Ray {31 Days of ABCs} - Alldonemonkey.com

During class I had each kid take a turn putting a body part in the machine (neck, chest, hand, knee, or foot).  Another kid would press the green “on” button, and we would all shout out the “x” sound: “Eckkkkkkkzzzzzzzz….”  The more drawn out the better!

X is for X-Ray {31 Days of ABCs} - Alldonemonkey.com

As soon as the button was pushed I would quickly hold up the appropriate x-ray in front of the machine.  They were delighted!  Everyone wanted to take several turns in the machine, in addition to putting the toys in.

Here are some books about x-rays that Monkey and I enjoyed reading:

Books About X-Rays

This is such a fun book! In My Mom Has X-ray Vision by Angela McAllister, a boy suspects his mother is really a superhero.  Is she?  You’ll have to draw your own conclusions!

I cannot stress enough how helpful Jessica’s X-Ray was when Monkey had to get x-rays at the dentist! It even includes actual x-rays! Of course, it was also thanks to this book that he decided to construct a CAT scan machine for Baby out of blocks 😉

X-Ray Picture Book of Fascinating Transport VehiclesOkay, so this isn’t about x-rays in the traditional sense, but The X-Ray Picture Book of Fantastic Transport Machines by Chris Oxlade is a really fun book for kids interested in vehicles. The text is more for older kids, but the “x-ray” drawings of vehicles are engaging for kids of any age.

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  1. Such a cool idea to have them put that body part in. Love it!

  2. Fabulous idea Leanna!! I love this!

  3. Thanks so much for linking up to Multicultural Book Day (Jan 27th)!

    • Thank you! I love books like My Mom Has X-Ray Vision that feature minority characters without necessarily being about “minority” issues! A great way to normalize rather than marginalize.

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  5. What a great idea. This would also be great for a dr pretend play setup!!

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