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15+ Gifts and Stocking Stuffers to Pamper Busy Moms -

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For weeks now, 50+ bloggers – myself included – have been working hard on creating gift guides for kids.  These are wonderful, inspiring gift guides, but they also got me thinking – where is a gift guide for the moms of these kids?

So here are my recommendations for gifts and stocking stuffers to pamper busy moms.  You can add them to your list for gifts for your mom friends, but don’t forget to forward them to your significant others as well, so you can enjoy, too 🙂

15+ Gifts & Stocking Stuffers to Pamper Busy Moms

Numi Gift SetThe first thing I do in the evening after the kids are asleep is make myself a hot cup of tea.  Numi Organic Tea is one of my favorite brands, so I was excited to see that they now have a beautiful gift set, including six flowering tea blossoms and a glass teapot in a handcrafted mahogany bamboo chest.

Pop Bar Hot Chocolate on a StickWinter is also a great time to indulge in a mug of hot chocolate.  But if you’re like me, you often don’t have the time (or perhaps the energy) to make hot chocolate on the stovetop at the end of a long day.  That’s why I love this brilliant gift box from popbar: Hot Chocolate on a Stick.  Can it get any easier??  Just add steamed milk, and it’s ready to enjoy!  You can buy it as a six pack variety gift box (with dark, milk, and vanilla white chocolate), individually, or as a mug set.

Kiss My Face Relaxation Gift SetI love fancy soaps and lotions, especially when they come from a company like Kiss My Face.  Their Relaxation Spa Gift Set is high on my wish list.  It comes with all kinds of bath products to pamper a hard-working mom, all in a cute gift basket.

Burt's Bees on the Go Set

One of my other favorite companies, Burt’s Bees, also has a gift set I love, this one a practical On the Go Set to add a little luxury to your everyday running around.  Whether you’re dropping off the kids at soccer practice or heading home from the park, this set makes sure you have a little something extra at hand to take care of yourself while you take care of everyone else.

Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers

That’s why I also love these tinted chap sticks from Burt’s Bees.  These Lip Shimmers -(I like the Champagne-Rhubarb-Strawberry combo) are a fun stocking stuffer for busy moms – both practical and pretty, they add a little bit of pick-me-up to an ordinary day.

Woolrich Women's Aloe Vera Socks

Busy moms spend most of their day on their feet, so why not treat them with these super soft, Woolrich Women’s socks with aloe vera?

Another option are these fuzzy winter socks from Womens Noble Mount.  And they are anti-skid! Love that practical touch 🙂

Deep Steep Lavender Chamomile Bubble Bath

Ahh, what is more relaxing than a soak in a hot bath?  I love combining the bubbles with some aromatherapy, as in this Lavender Chamomile Bubble Bath from deep steep.

Aura Cacia Aromatherapy MistFor even more aromatherapy fun, you can use a spray like this Aromatherapy Mist Lavender Harvest from Aura Cacia – a fast, easy way to add relaxation into a busy mom’s day!

Earth Therapeutics Anti-Stress Neck Pillow

At the end of a long day, moms often have their muscles in knots.  This relaxing Mind/Body Therapy Anti-Stress Neck Pillow from Earth Therapeutics has lavender and chamomile for ultimate relaxation.  They also make an eye pillow to help her drift into a refreshing sleep.  Heavenly!


Music has always been key for helping me unwind.  It is the fastest way to take my mind off the dirty dishes and dirty diapers and help me reconnect with what is more essential and unchanging.  I cannot recommend enough the music of Free Planet Radio.  It is an eclectic blend of global influences, as written and performed by three “musician’s musicians.”  In the interest of full disclosure, I will tell you that I am related to one of them, but he has no idea I am including their album in my guide!

Edge of Forever - Elika Mahoney

I also recommend the beautiful, ethereal music of Elika Mahoney to help reset your mental computer to a more peaceful mode.

Honey's Quilling - Lotus Earrings

If you prefer to give jewelry, try something unique and handmade, like these gorgeous purple lotus earrings from Honey’s Quilling.

Snowflake Cards - PaperPapelPapier

I adore the work of PaperPapelPapier for beautiful, handcrafted stationery.  Aren’t these Snowflake Cards lovely?

And of course, being the nerdy girl that I am, I can’t do a gift guide for moms without recommending the latest book in one of my favorite series, the Number One Ladies’ Detective Agency: The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon.  Go here for more reading recommendations – no parenting books allowed!

And finally, don’t forget that the best presents are often not the ones found in stores (or online!)  Any mother would appreciate the gift of time, so consider volunteering to babysit or make a home-cooked meal.  For other ideas, visit my homemade gift ideas Pinterest board.

What are your favorite gift ideas for busy moms?

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  1. I would definitely love the tea but all your ideas would be welcome in my stocking!!

  2. I love both of your Burt’s Bees picks and sock with aloe vera? Wow!

  3. What a lovely selection of gifts. Thank you for including my music among them.

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