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Advent Calendar: Activity Chain -

I love Advent calendars – the anticipation of the upcoming holiday, marking each day with a special treat – and it has been a dream of mine to make a beautiful, handmade Advent calendar for the boys for the Bahá’í holiday of Ayyám-i-Há in February.

However, by now you may know that beautiful, handmade crafts are not my specialty, so instead I thought I would play to my strength – activities that are easy yet a bit clever as well.

Although our holiday isn’t for a few months, I wanted to post this now because it would work so well for Christmas.

We all remember the paper chains we made in elementary school to count down to a special day.  I have simply added the twist of incorporating a special activity for each day, represented by a link in the chain.

To do this craft you will need:

Construction paper or card stock




That’s it!

Advent Calendar: Activity Chain -

Cut your paper into links (I turned my paper longways before cutting, so my strips were 9 inches long)

On one side of each link, write the numbers (1 – 25, for Christmas)

On the other side, write a special activity for that day (see suggestions below)

Advent Calendar: Activity Chain -

Tape the first link shut, making sure not to cover the writing on the inside.

Loop the next link through the first and tape shut.  Repeat for each link until you have all 25.

Advent Calendar: Activity Chain -

Hang on the wall or across a doorway.  Undo one link for each day, and enjoy as a family doing the activity on the inside of the link.

Some suggested activities for a Christmas Advent calendar:

Draw names for a Christmas gift exchange

Listen to (and sing along with) holiday music!  Each person gets to choose a favorite song

Bake cookies to share with your neighbors

Go Christmas caroling

Have a hot chocolate party

Decorate the tree

Hang other decorations around the house

Pick a charity to make a family donation

Decide on a family service project

Pop popcorn and watch a favorite holiday movie

Make presents to take to teachers at school, the letter carrier, etc.

Make cards to send to grandparents, etc.

Advent Calendar: Activity Chain -

How are you getting ready for the holidays?

  8 Responses to “Advent Calendar: Activity Chain”

  1. I love your idea of activities tied to an Advent Calendar that kids can make! You have the best ideas!!

  2. i love this activity! great countdown + staggered experiential learning tool for kids…thanks for sharing. we are trying to do 10,000 acts of kindness in December. Perhaps you would like to participate?

  3. Love this! Easy enough to do and still be decorative and fun.

  4. My mom did this for my siblings and I when we were kids and we loved it! I really need to start this tradition with my girls. I love your activity ideas!

    • Oh how sweet! Yes, it’s fun to do these simple activities from our own childhoods with our kids. Have fun!

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