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New Year's Eve Family Game - Free Printable!

Looking for something fun to do with your kids this New Year’s Eve?  How about a twist on family game night, with a DIY board game designed specifically for New Year’s Eve?

To celebrate the fact that Monkey is now old enough to understand New Year’s Eve, I decided to create a game that he could play with us on the big night.  It is an easy, DIY board game that you can quickly and easily create to play with your family this holiday season.  It would also work well for a kids’ party.  All you need are game pieces and a spinner from another board game (I used Chutes and Ladders), card stock, poster board, and some markers!

This is a fun game that mixes together movement (“Do 12 jumping jacks”), math (“Divide your age by two and move forward that number of spaces”), geography (“Find a city that is five hours ahead of yours”), imagination (“A time traveler has arrived from the future.  What will you tell her about life in your time?”), and reflection (“Share a favorite memory from the past year”).  There are also questions appropriate for younger children (“Name the months of the year”) and those for older children (“Name the months of the year in reverse order”).


To Make the Game

Ready?  Here’s how to get it ready for your New Year’s Eve family game night!

Do a quick image search for clock faces, and print out three different ones, each sized to fit on one regular sheet of paper.  For older kids, make sure one has roman numerals!

Cut out the clock faces and paste them on your poster board.  Draw large arrows leading from one to the other.  This will make up the game board.

Print and paste a world time zone map on the game board.  (You will need this for some of the questions).

Have fun decorating your game board!

New Year's Eve Family Game - Free Printable!

Print out the New Year’s Eve Family Game Cards that are the best fit for your family:

– Page 1 is for younger children

– Page 2 is for older children

– Page 3 is an optional design for the backs of the cards

New Year's Eve Family Game - Free Printable!

 To Play the Game

Each player selects a game piece. Play begins with the youngest player and proceeds in a clockwise fashion.

At the beginning of each turn the player spins the dial and advances the number of spaces indicated. S/he then draws a card, responds to what is written on it, and then play moves to the next player.

Play begins at the “1” of the first clock, through “12.” Then the players slide along the arrow to the second clock, advance 1 – 12 and then to the third clock.  The first player to reach the “12” on the third clock wins!

Have fun and have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, everyone!  Happy New Year!

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  1. I love this!! What a great idea!

  2. Love this game and especially that it keeps everyone active!!

  3. Very fun! Great way to keep everyone engaged and start a tradition! Games were always part of our New Year’s Celebration.

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