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 January 1, 2014  World Citizen Wednesdays

Best Posts of 2013 from Multicultural Kid Bloggers - World Citizen Wednesdays on Alldonemonkey.com

Welcome to World Citizen Wednesday!

Wow, amazing that I haven’t done one of these since October, but it has been a busy fall and winter!  So happy to bring this series back for a special New Year’s edition, looking back at the best posts of 2013 from our Multicultural Kid Blogs members!

Each week we pose a question to members of the fabulous Multicultural Kid Blogs group and share their answers here.

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This week we ask…

What is your favorite post from 2013?  The most popular?  The most difficult for you to write?

MaryAnne of Mama Smiles

Most popular: Sewing Tutorial: How to Make a Weighted Sensory Blanket

Favorite (photos): Dragonfly!

Favorite (essay): Music and Parenting

Most difficult to write: Birth Stories and Identity

Natalie of Afterschool for Smarty Pants

Most popular: Top Writing Activities for After School

Favorites: Christmas Around the World: Russia and Book Recommendations for Advanced Readers

Most difficult to write: Be Thankful for Your Parents

Melissa of Vibrant Wanderings

Most popular (and favorite): 6 Goals of the Montessori Classroom and How You Can Support Them

Most difficult to write: Extraordinary Children’s Books

Rita of Multilingual Parenting

Most popular: Interview with my daughter

Favorite: A-B-C for parents bringing up bilingual children

Most difficult to write: “What’s the point of speaking your language, mum?”

Jonathan of Dad’s the way I like it

Most popular: Being a Bilingual Parent

Favorite: What parenting and game shows have in common

Most difficult to write: This week I’m talking balls

Ute of expatsincebirth

Most popular: The importance of role plays for children (and us…)

Favorites: Bilingual siblings, How many languages can a child learn?, How to help frequently moving TCKs and expat children, and Do multilinguals have multiple personalities?

Most difficult to write: German? Really?

Frances of Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes

Most popular: Make your own cool art paper

Favorites: Our son’s first “real” Spanish immersion trip to Puerto Rico and Spanish Language Summer Program: Los Animales

Most difficult to write: Walking into a Heart Attack

Jill of Moms Gone Global

Most popular: How to Turn Your Child into a Kid Environmentalist

Favorite: Discovering the History and Culture of the Gullah People

Most difficult to write: Visiting the Vatican with Kids – The Treasure Hunt Approach

Amanda of Maroc Mama

Most popular: Slow Cooker Chicken Shwarma

Favorite: 6 Assumptions People Make When They Hear Your Husband Is Arab

Most difficult to write: Immigration, the USCIS, and a Lesson in Patience

Olga of The European Mama

Most popular: Handwriting Around the World

Favorite: Through the Eyes of a Child

Most difficult to write: Sharing Photos of Children Online

Kelley of Never a Dull Day in Poland

Most popular: Now that is what I call a good game

Favorite: Knock, Knock, It Is the “Komornik” Knocking

Most difficult to write: It can’t be swept under the carpet anymore

Galina of Raising a Trilingual Child

Most popular: Can babies distinguish foreign languages?

Favorite: Mixing art, material objects and imagination and How to read to a baby?

Annabelle of the piri-piri lexicon

Most popular: Why we like living in Germany – our top 9 best responses

Favorite: From linguist to mum – looking back

And mine?

Most popular: The series 31 Days of ABCs, which included my posts X is for X-Ray

Favorites: ABCs of Raising a World Citizen and Brer Rabbit, Uncle Remus, and Race in the South

Most difficult to write: Raising White Kids in a Multicultural World

Happy 2014, everyone!  Best wishes for a happy and healthy year with your loved ones!


World Citizen Wednesdays - Alldonemonkey.com

Thanks to all the bloggers who shared their answers here! You can read answers to earlier questions in our previous installments of World Citizen Wednesday, including tips for traveling with kids!

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  6 Responses to “World Citizen Wednesdays #42: The Best Posts of 2013”

  1. I am so glad you created the multicultural kid bloggers group – such a fantastic group of men and women, showcased in this post of yours! I loved your most difficult post to write – glad you wrote it.

    • Thank you so much, MaryAnne! That means a lot! And thank you for all of your work on MKB and for spurring me on with your vision for the group.

  2. Ditto @maryanne! Glad to be a part of MKB.

  3. I remember so many of these posts and am looking forward to exploring the others – Thank you Leanna for creating MKB!

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