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 February 2, 2014  All Things Kids, Valentine's Day

Showing Kids Love Series by All Things Kids

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Last month the moms behind All Things Kids brought you a Winter Books Craft and Activities series.  This month, thinking of Valentine’s Day, we are sharing ideas to Show Kids Love.

We all love our kids and do our best to show this love to them, but it’s easy to get caught up in the routines of every day life and lose our focus.  So this week we are sharing some creative ideas for how you can shake things up a bit to really help your little ones feel the love 🙂

Our series is loosely based on the wonderful book The 5 Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell.  The idea behind this book (and the others in this series) is that all children – and adults – speak different “love languages.”  While we all give and receive love in all of the languages, we each have one that is primary.  Learning to communicate love in the language that is easiest for your child to understand goes a long way towards helping your child really feel loved.

What are the languages? Physical touch, receiving gifts, acts of service, words of affirmation, and quality time. 

Each day this week a different blogger from All Things Kids will take one of these languages and give us a creative way to express love for your kids in that language.

Please note, children give and receive love in all of these languages, so try to use a mix of them, though focusing on the one that is primary for your child.  (There are tips for how to discover this primary language in the book!)  Also, the authors write that for young children, it is better not to focus on finding out their primary love language, as it doesn’t usually become clear until the school age years.  Again, a mix of the languages is best, as you observe and explore what works best for your child.

So enjoy!  We look forward to sharing these fun and creative ideas with you and seeing yours!  Starting tomorrow our linky will be live through the end of the month, so be sure to link up your own posts on showing kids love!

Showing Kids Love Series by All Things Kids

Monday, February 3 – All Done Monkey – Physical Touch

Tuesday, February 4 – House of Burke – Receiving Gifts

Wednesday, February 5 – Mamas Like Me – Acts of Service

Thursday, February 6 – Crayon Box Chronicles – Words of Affirmation

Friday, February 7 – Sugar Aunts – Acts of Service

Saturday, February 8 – Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails – Quality Time

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  7 Responses to “Showing Kids Love Series {All Things Kids}”

  1. Loved Gary Chapman’s book on the 5 Love Languages for adults. I found it to be very helpful. This book sounds like a great idea! Looking forward to seeing the activities!

  2. I’m looking forward to reading this series!

  3. I have immediately placed a request for this book from our library – and I haven’t been able to stop thinking of it, because I’ve never really thought of this concept before, and with a tween and teen, I could use all the help I can get!

  4. […] All Thing Kids bloggers are teaming up this month to bring you an exciting series on Showing Kids Love.  We’re each focusing on one of the 5 Love Languages – Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, Physical Touch, and ours – Words of Affirmation.  All Done Monkey shares a wonderful introduction post for our series this month, Showing Kids Love. […]

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