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The following post is from our dear friends The Sugar Aunts.  So excited to share one of their great crafts with you today!

Thanks for having us over to share a craft today, Leanna and All Done Monkey readers!   We are big fans of Leanna and her blog so it’s an honor to share our Fine Motor Flower craft today. 

We are big fans of incorporating fine motor skills for kids into crafts, play, and activities.  We try to make our crafts fun while working on developmental skills at the same time.  This fine motor flower was no exception!

Kids will practice fine motor skills when creating this spring flower
We needed a few supplies for this fun flower: dry pasta, red paint, red construction paper, green paint, green construction paper, tongue depressors, and a recycled egg carton.


Fine Motor Flower craft - Sugar Aunts on
We started with hearts we already had from a previous activity.  We made a Noodle art garland craft back at Valentine’s Day and re-used those hearts for these flowers.  It was a great fine motor activity and also very fun!  With our noodle hearts ready to go, we painted a few tongue depressors with green paint.


Fine Motor Flower craft - Sugar Aunts on

The hearts were glued to one end of the tongue depressors and green leaves cut from construction paper glued in the middle.  We painted a few sections of egg cartons green and cut a slit into the cardboard of the egg carton.  This was a job for Mom, to keep little hands safe!

My Little Guy was able to push the bottom of the tongue depressor stems into the egg carton slits.  He especially loved doing this part of the craft.  Pushing the tongue depressors into the egg cartons is a great way to work on those fine motor skills, as holding the tongue depressors encourages a tripod grasp.  The resistance of the egg carton provides a little feedback and strengthening. 

Our flowers are looking pretty on our window sill and I love that we re-used an old craft.

The Sugar Aunts are three sisters who blog about all things creative in motherhood.  They love playful learning, creative kid’s crafts, sensory and fine motor activities, kid’s party themes, DIY, and so much more.  Between the three Aunts, there are 6 cousins (with more on the way!) who are around each other so often, they are more like siblings than cousins! You can see the action at  Follow along on Pinterest, Facebook, Google+Twitter, and Instagram.


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