May 302014

Counting Down to the World Cup {Multicultural Kid Blogs World Cup for Kids Project}

I will be the first to admit that I’m not a big sports fan – except when it comes to two events: the Olympics and the World Cup!

Given our focus on multiculturalism and raising world citizens, this should come as no surprise.  These two global sporting competitions bring people together in a way nothing else seems to.  Viewership cuts across typical divisions of class, race, and nationality; and the focus is on achievement, cooperation, and a celebration of sheer talent and hard work.

As a mother, I see the World Cup as an opportunity to help expand my sons’ horizons and teach them about other countries, some of which they may know little about.  And, of course, it is also a time to celebrate their dual heritage – luckily there is very little chance of Costa Rica and the US facing off in the finals, or there would be trouble in our house!

World Cup for Kids - Multicultural Kid Blogs

To help the Monkeys learn more about the countries participating in this year’s World Cup, I have teamed up with some fantastic bloggers for the Multicultural Kid Blogs World Cup for Kids Project!  My friends and family already know not to bring up the subject of the World Cup around me, or else I will go on and on about how COOL and AMAZING and AWESOME this project is going to be!

Costa Rica

Why?  Each team has been “adopted” by a different blogger, who will create posts to introduce children to about that team’s country.  So for example, I have chosen Costa Rica and Iran, two countries very dear to me.  Each time either one plays, I will do a post on some aspect of that country, such as food, travel, children’s books, and so on.  What am I going to blog about?  I won’t tell, but I do see a lot of great food and books in our future (and maybe a few volcanoes!)


One aspect of this project that really has me excited is the amazing World Soccer Cup 2014 Activity Pack for Kids put together by several of our very talented members.  It is designed for children preschool through 4th grade.  Monkey and I have already had a lot of fun with it!

World Soccer Cup 2014 Activity Pack for Kids - Multicultural Kid Blogs

So don’t miss out on this amazing project – go to our World Cup for Kids page for all the details, plus follow our World Cup for Kids board on Pinterest, and join the conversation on Facebook and Google Plus!


Are you ready for the World Cup?  Who are you rooting for?


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  1. Books, and snacks, and a few volcanos – sounds like a lot of fun for this summer! I can’t wait to read your posts!

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