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Snappets Educational Toy - Alldonemonkey.com

I was provided with complementary samples of this product for review purposes; however, all opinions are my own.

I am excited to share about a new line of educational toys that is launching right now with a kickstarter campaign: Snappets!  These are so-called because they are a snap to assemble and because they turn into dinosaur puppets that make a satisfying SNAP when you chomp their jaws!

How easy are these paper hand puppets to put together?  Easy enough that I was able to do them quickly, even with the Monkeys snapping at my heels because they were so eager to play with them!  Older kids could easily assemble the puppets themselves.  In fact, Monkey helped me assemble the second one.

Snappets Educational Toy - Alldonemonkey.com

Why Snappets?  They are fun and educational!  There is a full line of Dinosaur Snappets available (8 designs); we reviewed the Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Seeing the three dimensional dinosaur heads is bound to provoke questions from your kids about the dinosaurs themselves, which is why some educational facts about each are included with the puppets.

But what makes this different from other dinosaur toys – and even other hand puppets – is that kids can actually participate in the construction process.  As the mother of a mechanically inclined little boy, I really appreciate this aspect of the toy.  As much as Monkey and Baby enjoyed playing with the toys (and “snapping” their jaws at each other!), Monkey soon started to deconstruct and rebuild the puppet, curious about how it fit together, and how a flat sheet of paper could transform into a dinosaur!

Snappets Educational Toy - Alldonemonkey.com

(Lest you be fooled by the term “paper hand puppets,” I should add that these are made from a very durable type of paper almost like cardboard but thinner and more flexible).

If you are interested in Snappets, support the kickstarter campaign to bring them to production!  Be sure to visit their website and Facebook page.  You can also view photos of a visit to an elementary school to demonstrate Snappets.



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  1. I love this toy! My son loves dinosaurs and he’d love this! Thanks for the heads up Leanna!

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