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This play idea is brought to you by Knoala – Raise Happier Kids.  Knoala is a free app that offers activities for parents to enjoy with infants to preschoolers.

Preschooler Science: Check the Scale {Sponsored by Knoala} | Alldonemonkey.com

Monkey loves science and is always full of questions about, well, everything!  He wants to know how everything works, from light switches to eyeballs to Venus fly traps.  I want to feed his curiosity, but between trying to run a household and watch after two small children, I often don’t have the time to for elaborate experiments.  That’s why I love this simple preschooler science activity – easy to set up but a great learning tool for preschoolers!

Preschooler Science: Check the Scale {Sponsored by Knoala} | Alldonemonkey.com

For this easy science activity, all you need is a bathroom scale and a healthy dose of preschooler curiosity.  Using ordinary objects around the house, they get to create a hypothesis (“Which weighs more?”), test it by using the scale, and put the results into practice by arranging the objects from lightest to heaviest.  Genius!  Besides learning about the concept of weight and how scales work, this activity also encourages young children to begin to answer their own questions, rather than just depending on a grownup to tell them how things work.  After all, isn’t that the real end goal for us as parents?

Get the FULL play prompt instructions here:

knoala-activityI love that the Knoala app is designed for busy parents who still want to engage their children and give them a developmental boost.  The activities are simple yet profound.  They don’t require an elaborate set up or extensive planning, yet they are targeted towards important developmental stages.  Knoala makes it easy to be a super hero for your kids!

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Preschooler Science: Check the Scale {Sponsored by Knoala} |Alldonemonkey.com

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