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Baby Shower Ideas: Easy Ways to Make It a Special Day | Alldonemonkey.com

Thank you to Basic Invite for sponsoring this post!  All opinions are my own.

Throwing a baby shower for a friend?  We love baby showers!  They are such a fun way to celebrate the expecting mama and her new little one.  Here are some tips for making it a special day:

1. Choose the Right Style

One size definitely does not fit all, so keep in mind what kind of event would suit her.  Would your friend like a big party, or a more intimate gathering with just family and a few close friends?  Does she prefer something light, with lots of fun baby shower games, or something more reflective and spiritual?  Let her personality be your guide!

2. Pick a Fun Theme

The right theme can set the tone for your party.  Keep in mind her personal style (see above) then pick a theme to match.  For a big bash, you could choose a theme that focuses more on friends having fun (luau!), while a quieter event could focus on relaxation and pampering (spa day!).  Does she like cutesy touches (duckies!), or something more serious (candles!)  Take your cue from her: How is she decorating the nursery?  (Or do they even have one?)  Take a peek at any purchases she’s made so far for the baby, and listen to any hints she might have dropped (“I just want to put my feet up and relax!”)

3. Add Personalized Touches

What really makes the day special is showing her that you have paid attention to her.  Add personalized touches by making favors with her favorite quote, playing music that is meaningful to her, and decorating the space with special photos.  But you can really get off on the right foot by sending beautiful, personalized baby shower invitations.  It’s easier to do than you think!  Monkey_Tribe-1

Courtesy of Basic Invite.  Is anyone surprised that I really loved their monkey invitations??

You can personalize invitations instantly online at Basic Invite.  It is so easy!  Users can to customize the colors and text on every page of the invitation, so you can tailor the look down to the last detail – all in a matter of seconds!

MonkeynaroundCourtesy of Basic Invite

And don’t forget that when the time comes, she can use Basic Invite to create beautiful birth announcements.  How cool is that?

So pat yourself on the back for being such a great, sensitive friend – now go have some fun playing around with baby stuff!

Check out the collection at Basic Invite and let us know which is your favorite!

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