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Science Kits for Kids: Little Blast Review and Giveaway |

I was provided a complimentary Little Blast Pulleys kit for review purposes; however, all opinions are my own.

Monkey is fascinated by science, and we try very hard to feed his curiosity.  We visit volcanoes, read tons of books, and do as many science experiments as we can, such as this conservation one from last year.  But the truth is that as a busy mother to two young children, I just don’t have the time to research experiments and learning activities, gather materials, and so on.

That is why I jumped at the chance to review a Pulley science kit from Little Blast.  When I read a Little Blast review done recently by my friend Jaime at Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tail, I thought I was dreaming: monthly themed science kits that are kid-friendly and really works?  We have tried our share of science kits from other companies, some good and some bad.  Often they are more about the cartoon characters involved, or they throw a lot of glitter and slime around without very much science.   Not so with Little Blast!

Science Kits for Kids: Little Blast Review and Giveaway |

Little Blast kits are easy to use and fun and incorporate lots of learning into every activity.  I love that the kit included so many types of learning – building, reading, storytelling, logical sequencing, and more!  Something else that is unique to Little Blast is that their kits include all the supplies you need.  Monkey was so excited to dive into the package when it arrived, and he was not disappointed!

The activities in the kit have a recommended order (brought to life in a cute storyboard that incorporates each activity into an overarching tale), but each can also stand on its own – which is useful, since young children do not always like to do things in order!

Science Kits for Kids: Little Blast Review and Giveaway |

Our kit was all about pulleys, and Monkey had so much fun building his pulley together and putting it to work – lifting up one of my shoes!  (Don’t worry, I wasn’t wearing it at the time!)  The activities all demonstrate basic principles about pulleys.  For example, one shows why pulleys make lifting so much easier.  (Because you’re pulling down instead of up, so you are working with instead of against gravity!)

I highly recommend Little Blast.  They are wonderful for kids that are into science, but also for those that aren’t.  Chances are, once they try one of these kits, they will realize why science can be so exciting!

Science Kits for Kids: Little Blast Review and Giveaway |

That’s why I’m so happy to be hosting this giveaway of one Pulley Blast science kit from Little Blast!  Just enter below for your chance to win! US Shipping Only


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  1. That does look super fun!!!

  2. looks like so much fun!!

  3. Wow! All these awesome things I keep finding out about!!! I’m amazed!

  4. anything that comes in a kit so I don’t have to prep as much!

  5. My son loves making tornado in a jar! 🙂

  6. My kids love all science experiments, but baking soda and vinegar is my time-tested fallback 🙂

  7. We are still experimenting with science experiments that engage my daughter. She’s really enjoyed ones with food dyes and chromatography.

  8. I loved the chemical reaction experiment to blow up a balloon.

  9. We made a solar oven this weekend!

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