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Marvel Universe LIVE Review |

Evil villains, tough super heroes, amazing special effects and stunts, all seamlessly interwoven with video projections – what’s not to love??

Last night Monkey and I had the opportunity to attend Marvel Universe LIVE at the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento.  Even for a mildly enthusiastic superhero fan like myself – I know who Spiderman is! – the show was truly captivating.  The storyline was easy to follow even if you don’t know all the background, and the visuals and stunts kept us on the edge of our seats for the entire 2 hour show.

And for the kids (and adults) that really love their Marvel characters, it’s hard to overestimate just how much fun the show was.  The excitement started building even as the crowd streamed into the building, as kids were all dressed to the nines in super hero gear.  And the show itself more than met their expectations.  Throughout the night, Monkey kept poking me and shouting out the names of the super heroes and villains as they appeared on stage, including all of his favorites, like Spidey and Captain America.

Marvel Universe LIVE Review | Alldonemonkey.comLoki shows his evil side

The story is well paced, with lots of action sprinkled in throughout – plenty of hand-to-hand battles as well as motorcycle races, web-slinging, and hammer-swinging.  There is also plenty of humor in the dialogue, if you can tear your eyes away long enough to listen carefully.

The special effects were amazing, including one villain who kept setting himself on fire, and I really loved the motorcycle stunts.  There were a number of moments where we jumped in our seats, but nothing too scary for my five year old.  He was totally pumped throughout the entire show!

It struck me that this is the kind of live theater that speaks to kids of this generation, who have grown up on the latest technology and video games.  Live action, yes, but interwoven with incredible special effects and video to create a stunning panorama and non-stop action, as one scene flows into the next.

Marvel Universe LIVE Review | Alldonemonkey.comWolverine and Bruce Banner bike race to Loki’s stronghold

So whether you are a Marvel fan yourself or just have a little person who is, check the listings to see when the show is coming to your area.  If you are in Sacramento, be sure to get your tickets now, as the show ends this weekend!

Check out all the details on the Sacramento run of Marvel Universe LIVE – including a discount for 25% your tickets! – and remember, only teamwork can save the world!

Marvel Universe Live Comes to Sacramento!

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  1. I’m so happy you posted about this!!! I had no idea this even existed! My husband and I are now so stoked to see it in Salt Lake! Thank you!

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