Mar 262015

Passover Videos for Kids |

Looking for some great resources to teach your kids about Passover?  Of course, for us books are always a first stop (see this great list of kids’ books on Passover from the PJ Library and this one from Planet Smarty Pants), but we’ve also been enjoying watching some wonderful videos!  Here are some of our favorite fun videos for kids about Passover:

Fun Passover Videos for Kids

Okay, this one is just hilarious.  “Let It Go” from “Frozen” is parodied as “Let Us Go,” a duet between Pharaoh and Moses.  Still laughing over this from a defiant Pharaoh:”The plagues never bothered me anyway.”  Kids of all ages will enjoy this, enough those like my toddler who are little enough to miss the humor and just enjoy the song.

Jewish Kids! also has great videos for kids about Passover, including fake news reports about “the crisis in Egypt,” crafts, and a Passover robot!  More for older kids.

Monkey really loved this one from G-dcast, which is an entertaining video that reviews the meaning of Passover from several perspectives.  Find it here along with some fun apps!

Monkey also had a lot of fun with this kids’ version of Passover – warning! You might have to do some fact-checking afterwards (unlimited homework as one of the plagues!) but still totally fun.

And how can we leave out Sesame Street – that is, Shalom Sesame! This is a but more serious but kids will still enjoy watching Grover learn about the holiday:

Want more??  Here’s are more collections of videos about Passover for kids:

Kelly’s Classroom: What Is Passover?

The Jewish Daily Forward: 4 Coolest Passover Videos for Your Seder

PJ Library: Funny Passover Videos

Jewish Boston: Passover According to Kids Series

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  1. I love these videos! All really good choices. Thank you for including my link in your post. I’m glad you like my videos too!

    • Absolutely! I thought your collection was such a great intro to Passover! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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