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Summer time is a great time for travel and so also for travel books!  So open up the world to your kids this summer with these global travel adventure books for kids!  It’s a great way to keep learning fun, as they discover new lands through the eyes of these young explorers.

I received complimentary copies of Pack-n-Go Girls books to facilitate my review; however, all opinions are my own.  This post contains affiliate links.  If you click through and make a purchase, I receive a small commission.

Long time readers will know how much we love Kids Yoga Stories.  They are great on so many levels – as a great, kid-friendly introduction to yoga, as a way to get kids moving, and as a trip around the world for little ones!  Whether you want to travel to Costa Rica with Sophia in Sophia’s Jungle Adventure, to Bali with Annamika in Hello, Bali, or to Australia with Luke in Luke’s Beach Day, you and your child will find lots to discover in Kids Yoga Stories!

Recommended ages: 2-5

Another travel adventure series for very young readers is Aisha the Indian Princess. Aisha and her younger brother Iggy travel to different countries – so far Great Britain, France, and India – and make friends, eat local foods, learn some of the language, and more! I love that the books include fun activities (such as seek and find pictures) that make learning about the country really fun for young kids.

Recommended ages: 2-5

A new favorite is the Pack-n-Go Girls series.  There is so much to love about this innovative series!  The characters are very diverse, the books are set around the world, and the adventures are just plain fun!  After all, what kid wouldn’t want to read about a ballerina ghost in a spooky castle in Austria, or search for a lost Golden Temple in the jungles of Thailand?  I love that the voices of the young narrators are so authentic, making the characters very easy for young readers to relate to.

Local culture and language is incorporated seamlessly into the story, as the characters learn to get along and make friends in their new destination – such as how to address someone politely, or what kids do for fun.  And for those that want to learn even more, there is additional material at the back of the book, including recipes, basic vocabulary in the country’s language, and tips about travel there.  There are even extra pages for planning your own trip to that country!  Teachers also have access to additional activities they can do to extend the learning into the classroom.

This award-winning series is now in the process of launching its next adventure – to Brazil!  Visit the Kickstarter – which runs through June 25 – to help support this amazing project.  You can also help by getting the word out on social media – it’s super easy to do from their support page!

Recommended ages: 6-9

My beginning reader really loves Geronimo Stilton.  We’ve read about his travels in Mongolia and Australia, for example, as well his attempts to learn karate!  This unassuming newspaper editor on Mouse Island is always dragged into wild adventures, despite his very cautious nature, thanks to his much more adventurous family.  I love that these fun books always incorporate elements of the local culture and often include pop-out boxes with recipes or maps.  Get started with Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye, Geronimo’s first adventure – to find a hidden treasure on a faraway island!

Recommended ages: 7-10, though my 5 year old enjoys them, too

When the boys are older, I’m really looking forward to reading Travels with Gannon and Wyatt with them.  These globe-trotting twins have explored Botswana, Canada, Egypt, Ireland, and Greenland!  One brother is very serious (a budding scientist), while the other is more interested in having fun – together they are an amazing team that kids will definitely relate to!  The books are written as travel journals, alternately between the voices of two characters, giving very different perspectives on the action.  The books emphasize conservation, and I love that now the series is supporting global literacy!

Recommended ages: Ages 9 – 13

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