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Fine Motor Skills for Early Elementary School Kids |

As Monkey gets older and works on his handwriting, I’ve found it harder to find activities to help him develop fine motor skills.  There are many wonderfully creative ideas for toddlers and preschoolers but far fewer for early elementary school kids.  Here are some great activities I have found that help develop fine motor skills for this age group:

Fine Motor Skills for Early Elementary School Kids

Mama Smiles – Five Playful Ways to Develop Fine Motor Skills:  Wonderful ideas to help kids to develop fine motor skills and have fun, too.

Mama Smiles – Kindergarten Readiness: Fine Motor Skills: Get your child off to a great start in school by helping them develop their fine motor skills with these ideas.  I love the tip on how to take the pressure off your child so they can relax as they practice!

Smart First Graders – Fine Motor Skills in First Grade: Find fine motor milestones for first graders as well as age appropriate ideas for how to work on those skills.

Mom with a Lesson Plan – Hands On Math Activity with Beads, Pipe Cleaner and Dice: This engaging math activity also includes great fine motor practice with beadwork.

Sugar Aunts – Base Ten Operations with Paper Clips: Teach an essential math concept and get a fine motor workout at the same time.

Teach Me Mommy – Upper and Lower Case Matching Lacing Cards: Great way to work on language along with fine motor skills!  Can be adapted for different ages and subjects.

The Jenny Evolution – Mitten Activity:  This creative extension activity for Jan Brett’s iconic book incorporates several different ways to practice fine motor skills.

Sugar Aunts – Second Grade Art Fine Motor Craft: This lacing craft is perfect to build skills for older kids.

Mama Smiles – Creative Play with Fusible Beads: Also known as Perler beads, they are a wonderful way for kids to get creative as they develop their fine motor skills.

Mama Smiles – Origami Fun for Kids: Share culture and creativity by teaching your kids origami, which is also great fine motor practice.

Mum in the Madhouse – Paper Plate Weaving: This fun fine motor activity mixes math with craft for a beautiful end product!

Mama Smiles – Straw Weaving Loom: This is one that I’m planning on trying with my kids very soon – it looks so fun!  It would be great activity when your kids need to unwind after school or in a break between lessons.

Imagination Soup – Teaching Kids to Knit: Knitting is another creative project that really builds fine motor skills.

Sugar Aunts – Upside Down Beading: Change up the typical beading activity by turning things upside down!  Great for fine motor skills and gives the brain a work out as well.

The Jenny Evolution – Corn Sensory Table:  Getting your kids involved in household chores like shucking corn can be a great way to help them with fine motor skills and hand strengthening.

Looking for even more ideas?

Planet Smarty Pants: 20 Ways to Practice Fine Motor Skills for Big Kids

OT Mom Learning Activities: Fine Motor Skills Activities for Older Kids

And be sure to check out my Fine Motor board on Pinterest:

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  1. Thank you for featuring me. My youngest is nine and has terrible handwriting, so I try to do lots of fine motor stuff with him

    • I can’t wait to try your craft with my son! He also struggles with handwriting, so I am happy to find new ideas to do with him!

  2. […] this skill is not only crucial if you want your child to play sports but also to help him build fine motor skills such as writing.  Indeed, it first came to my attention when my kindergartener’s adviser […]

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