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Thank you to Frances, my blogging buddy and fellow Multicultural Kid Blogs board member for this wonderful post!  Be sure to check out her blog, Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes, and read her full bio at the end of this post!

My family and I would love to travel the world, tastes the foods, and learn the culture of different countries. However, traveling abroad is not a possibility right now. Nevertheless, we can learn about a country through its cuisine, and the best way is cooking a typical dish and sharing it with your family. Today, we are learning about Perú.
Perú is a Southern American country,  home to a section of Amazon rainforest and Machu Picchu, an ancient Incan city set high in the Andes mountains.
We have taken to the kitchen to discover Perú with a delicious Lomo saltado recipe.  Lomo saltado (beef stir-fry) is a popular, traditional Peruvian dish.  Saltado means like “stir fried”, and when cooking it you have the beef  jump (saltar) in the air. Lomo saltado (beef stir-fry) typically combines marinated strips of sirloin, or other beef steak, with onions, tomatoes, and other ingredients, served with fried potato slices and rice. I found this super, duper easy recipe for the Peruvian Stir-Fry!  Seriously, easy to do!

This post is part of the Multicultural Kid Blogs Global Learning for Kids series.

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Enjoy this fun music video! Yaw Yaw Puka Polleracha a children’s song in Quechua (the Native language of the Incas) from Peru.

We really enjoyed our Lomo Saltado, and I served with white rice. Sorry, no potatoes at the time of cooking this delish Peruvian dish!

Buen provecho!

Discovering The World Through My Son's Eyes Thanks to Frances for this great post!  Frances is a part-time blogger, mommy and wife of a beautiful multicultural familia. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a certification in Human Resources. She blogs about discovering the world through her son’s eyes through everyday events, crafts, books, and travel as she teaches her son how culturally diverse our world is.In addition to her blog, you can also find Frances on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

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  1. I just tasted lomo saltado for the first time last week, and I swear I thought saltado somehow meant ‘salted’ because the saltiness overpowered the taste of soy & vinegar!

    • Yes, that is what I had always thought as well! I think the actual meaning is so much more fun, though 🙂

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