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A collection of our favorite healthy desserts that my kids love

Cooking with kids is such a fun family activity, plus it’s a great way to teach healthy eating habits!  We love sweets in our house, so when possible I try to choose healthy desserts and have my kids to help me make them.  They are always surprised to see how healthy ingredients can make such sweet treats!

Disclosure: I received a Personalized Creations cookie jar for review purposes; however, all opinions are my own.

When we finish, into the cookie jar they go (at least what we haven’t eaten already!)  And what fun when that cookie jar is personalized with their names!  I love our Heart Full of Love cookie jar from Personalized Creations.  The design is gorgeous, and the jar itself is high quality: beautiful and very durable, a winning combination for a mom with three kids!

Heart Full of Love Cookie Jar

Heart Full of Love Cookie Jar from PersonalCreations.com

Looking to fill your cookie jar?  Here are some wonderful recipes for healthy desserts that you and your kids will love!

Healthy Desserts for Kids

Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies from Mama Smiles

Healthy Mixed Berry Cookies from Artsy Craftsy Mom

Chicka Coconut Banana Booms from Growing Book by Book

Grapefruit, Chia, and Poppyseed Cookies from Kidgredients

Banana Raisin Cookies from Craftulate

Chocolate Chip Craisin Oatmeal Cookies from Kitchen Floor Crafts

Anzac Biscuits from Go Science Kids

Chocolate Bread from Danya Banya

Chocolate Cranberry Cheerio Bars from Makeovers and Motherhood

Apple and Coconut Macaroons from Snotty Noses

Healthy AND Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookies from The Soccer Mom

Chocolate Avocado Pumpkin Cookies with Salted Caramel Chips from The Soccer Mom

Cowboy Cookies from Little Sprouts Learning

Banana Oat Cookies from Snotty Noses

Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars from Everyday Savvy

Winnie the Pooh Honey Snacks from Kelly’s Classroom

Biscotti from Snotty Noses

Groovy Granola Bars from Little Sprouts Learning

  6 Responses to “Healthy Desserts for Kids”

  1. Bahhhhhhhh I don’t want the healthy desserts… I want that cookie jar just for me! LOL Awesome post with so many healthy recipe options, and the cookie jar is a huge plus!!!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you!! And yes, isn’t that cookie jar awesome? I’m going to order some other gifts from their site for my family!

  2. Thanks for including our banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!

  3. That cookie jar is divine! I’m always looking for healthy snacks, so I’m loving this list. (Thanks too for including a couple of our recipes in this list too!)

    • Yes, we love our cookie jar! Thank you for sharing your recipes – we’ve been having fun working our way through this list and sampling all these healthy goodies!

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