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One of the values we try to encourage in our children is contentment: that is, learning to accept – and even embrace – the things they cannot change.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of Princess Rosie’s Rainbows and Saint Anthony the Great from Wisdom Tales Press for review purposes; however, all opinions are my own.  This post contains affiliate links.  If you click through and make a purchase, I receive a small commission.

Picture Books about Contentment

I love the beautifully illustrated new book Princess Rosie’s Rainbows.  Princess Rosie can have anything she wants, but the only thing that makes her smile are rainbows.  So the King and Queen begin a search throughout the lands for someone who can give the princess forever rainbows, so she will always be happy.  She receives rainbows of all kinds, but they are not real and so do not satisfy her.  She even learns to make one of her own, but it disappears when a rain cloud passes by.  It is an old wise woman who finally teaches Rosie the secret of looking in her own heart for forever rainbows – and happiness.  Beautiful tale to teach children an important lesson.

We’ve also been enjoying the classic The Missing Piece. In this fable, a circle sets off to find its missing piece, but what it discovers is that joy comes from the journey, and perhaps it doesn’t really want that piece after all!

A square has perfectly equal sides and is perfectly happy but through a series of adventures discovers that happiness can come from trying new things. Perfect Square is a great book with wonderful visuals about how shapes (and people!) can transform into new and even better things!

Another great book for kids learning their shapes is The Greedy Triangle (Scholastic Bookshelf). A triangle is not satisfied with having just three angles, so he visits a shape shifter to add another. After a time as a quadrilateral, he doesn’t another angle would be even better, until he eventually adds to many angles he becomes unrecognizable and can no longer play with his old friends. Great story about being satisfied with what you have.

Saint Anthony the Great is a gorgeous new book about contentment from a Christian perspective.  Anthony of Egypt felt unhappy, so he followed the Biblical teaching to give up worldly possessions and find joy in quietness and stillness.  The father of Christian monasticism, Saint Anthony taught others to love each other and live a life of peace, courage, and joy.  His story still resonates today and is brought to life through this simply told tale and beautiful paintings.  Includes an appendix with more information about his life and further reading.

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