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Ramadan is ending soon, which means that Muslim families and communities are preparing to celebrate Eid. (For more on teaching kids about Ramadan, read this Ramadan lesson plan). If you are looking for Eid books to read with your kids, they can be difficult to find! I am lucky enough to have been send several wonderful Eid books to review, which I’m happy to share with you below. They are a wonderful introduction to the holiday for Muslim and non-Muslim children alike!

Disclosure: I was sent complimentary copies of the books below for review purposes; however, all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I receive a small commission.

Eid Books for Kids

Most people associate Islam with the Middle East, but a huge proportion of Muslims live in other parts of the world. Bharat Babies, which specializes in developmentally appropriate children’s books about all aspects of Indian culture – including Islamic traditions – is the creator of the first of the Eid books I’m sharing with you today. In Amal’s Eid we meet Amal, a young Indian boy preparing to celebrate Eid with his family. As the family gets ready for the holiday, readers learn about the family’s Eid traditions, such as the special foods and clothes, gifts and music that mark the celebration. Amal is a very endearing character, and I love this portrait of this loving family, where aunties slip the kids treats before the big meal and everyone hurries to tidy up before the grandparents arrive for dinner. A great introduction to Eid, plus even those familiar with the holiday will be interested to see how it is celebrated in this part of the world.

Amal’s Eid was so popular that Bharat Babies produced a sequel, Amal’s Ramadan. Amal is now 12 and fasting for the first time. It is great for talking about what fasting is like for kids – from being tempted by a friend’s cookie to feeling dizzy after running around with friends. Amal feels ashamed when he has to drink juice during the day, but loving guidance from his family shows him that the important thing is that he tried and that with time it will get easier.

I received this beautiful book from Kitaab World, which has an impressive selection of books, games, and toys from eight South Asian countries. In The Perfect Gift, Sarah is searching for just the right gift to give to her mother for Eid, but Sarah doesn’t have the money to buy a gift like her brother did or the talent to do calligraphy like her sister. Eventually she discovers a beautiful flower in the snow, which she fences off and labels “Allah’s Perfect Gift to the World.” This is a wonderful book to teach children to appreciate nature and all the perfect gifts it gives us. One of my favorite parts of the book comes when the flower eventually dies. Sarah’s mom tells her not to be sad: “The flower had lived the life that Allah had created it to live and nothing could be better than that.”

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