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 September 25, 2016  Education

The first presidential debate is tomorrow night, and since we have been studying about our elections, I made this free printable to use with kids while they watch.

US Presidential Debate Printable |

It is designed for elementary school aged children, to help them capture the major aspects of the debate and what purpose debates serve during an election.

To download, simply right click on the images below and print. If you use them, be sure to tag me on Facebook or Instagram!

US Presidential Debate Printable

Right click on the images to print and use during the upcoming debates!

Printable page 1

US Presidential Debate Printable Page 1 |

Printable Page 2

US Presidential Debate Printable Page 2 |

  3 Responses to “US Presidential Debate Printable”

  1. Great way to get kids involved in the process. Would love to see what they come up with!

  2. […] the presidential election fast approaching, we’ve been doing a lot of reading and learning activities in our house to help answer questions my son has about how the whole process works. Here are some […]

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