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Are you a mama on the go? Are you always juggling two (or three, or four) tasks at once? Eliminate some of the hassle by focusing on that key piece of equipment you absolutely have to have with you wherever you go: your diaper bag. Make your life easier with these 7 simple but awesome diaper bag hacks, so you have more energy and attention to focus on your little bundle of joy.

7 Simple But Awesome Diaper Bag Hacks |

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7 Simple But Awesome Diaper Bag Hacks

1. Find Your Perfect Diaper Bag – And Ditch Your Purse

I am lucky enough to have a very crafty sister-in-law, but if you or a loved one is not so inclined, these days it’s easy to find the best diaper bags online. Look for one that can also hold all of your necessities, so you can leave your purse at home. Why carry two bags when you can carry just one? Simplify your life whenever possible! It’s easy to put your wallet, etc back into that cute purse whenever you head out for a night without the baby.

2. Organize, Organize, Organize

Everyone has their own system, but make sure you have one! Nothing is worse than trying to change a wiggly infant while simultaneously digging around in your diaper bag for what you need. I love having a diaper bag with lots of pockets so I always know exactly where everything is when I need it.

3. Keep It Stocked

I know how it is to finally get home after a long day of running errands with the baby in tow – the last thing you want to do is restock your diaper bag! But trust me, you will thank yourself later if you just take a few minutes to restock while you still remember exactly what needs to be refilled. If you can’t do it that minute – because sometimes you have to change a diaper or nurse right away – then make sure to leave your bag sitting out until you can. If you are like me, once it is put away, it’s out of sight, out of mind, until I’m racing to get out the door and only then remember that I need to pack more diapers.

7 Simple But Awesome Diaper Bag Hacks |

4. Don’t Forget the Snacks

As your baby turns into a toddler – or if you have older children – be sure to pack snacks and other necessities that an older child will need. I always keep a few squeeze pouches or fig bars in my bag for my preschooler. These also work great as a snack for me, especially since I rarely get to sit down for a quiet meal anymore!

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5. Throw in a Receiving Blanket

Stick an extra receiving blanket in your purse. (They have so many creative uses!) They are so compact and come in very handy as a clean surface to do a diaper change, or to mop up a spill, or (of course!) as a blanket for your little one.

6. Leave It By the Door

Surprisingly, this is something I didn’t start doing until recently. I always kept the diaper bag in my closet, close to all of my other supplies, but after a few times of having to run back in the house to get it, I finally followed my 4 year old’s suggestion and started storing it by the door. Haven’t forgotten it since! Find a spot that is convenient for you – things will go more smoothly if you and your children’s things are organized in a predictable place.

7. Do a Periodic Cleaning

Make sure that on a regular basis you go through your diaper bag. You’ll be surprised at all the odds and ends that accumulate there, particularly if you have older children that find many “treasures” when you are out. This cleaning will also help you ensure that you don’t have any one-size-too-small diapers or clothes stashed in your bag from before baby’s last growth spurt!

What is your favorite diaper bag hack? Share in the comments!

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