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When our oldest son was little, and our bookshelves started to fill with colorful, engaging board books, my husband made an observation that has stuck with me ever since – nearly all of the books focused on the child’s relationship with the mother, but very few included the father. Thankfully this is not universally true, but I was surprised to see how widespread this pattern was. Ever since then, I’ve sought out books that also include the father and especially ones that celebrate their special relationship with their children. And so, in honor of Father’s Day next month, I’m happy to present to you some favorite children’s books that celebrate fathers, plus we have a giveaway for you, so be sure to scroll to the end of the post to enter!

Books that Celebrate Fathers |

Disclosure: I received complimentary copies of some of the books below for review purposes; however, all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Books that Celebrate Fathers

I love the adorable new book Daddy Honk Honk! Set in the Arctic, it is the tale of Aput the fox, who is thrust into fatherhood when an abandoned goose egg hatches and the little gosling mistakes Aput for its daddy. With each page we see Aput’s transformation as he learns to care for the baby but more importantly as his affection for it steadily grows. This is also a beautiful tale of the importance of community in supporting families, as Aput’s friends all help teach him what a baby needs and help surround them both with love. Very sweet tale to share with your little ones! My preschooler and toddler both really enjoy this story.

Charlie Rides: Planes, Trains, Bikes, and More! is a cute board book that your kids will love! Like so many young children, Charlie loves getting out and seeing the world using any means possible: trains, boats, bikes, soapbox derby cars, and more! While the main focus on the book is on different modes of transportation, a recurrent element is Charlie’s dad, who is with him every step of the way. This colorful book is a tribute to how fathers nurture children’s curiosity about the world and support them in all their adventures.

Be Glad Your Dad…(Is Not an Octopus!) was a lucky find at the library and has stayed in our regular rotation ever since. It is a funny book that not only teaches appreciation for dads (even when they sometimes get mad or are just totally gross!) but also teaches facts about animals in a really fun way. For example, be glad your dad is not an octopus, because he would always win at tag! My favorite, though, is the tortoise dad – who is so slow getting an ice cream cone that the ice cream actually melts before the kid can eat it! I love the illustrations, especially the kids’ reactions to the animal dads. Cute reminder about why human dads are so cool! More details about the animals can be found at the back of the book.

What are your favorite children’s books that celebrate fathers?

Daddy Honk Honk! Giveaway

I am so excited to be hosting a giveaway of Daddy Honk Honk! to one lucky winner! The winner will receive:

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Daddy Honk Honk Giveaway

To enter, simply comment on this post, telling us something you appreciate about a special father in your life. The contest goes until midnight PT on Sunday, May 14. US shipping only. Good luck!

  12 Responses to “Picture Books that Celebrate Fathers”

  1. A special father in my life has to be…my husband. I know, sounds cheesy but he is amazing! He’s always loved babies and children so it comes so natural to him that he just does it 🙂 (hang out with the kids I mean). Anyway, he’s just being a dad I guess but he is amazing at it!

  2. I had a very sweet and caring dad. But he passed away. And I’m very lucky that my husband is great around children. I can go out for my social events and he’s able to manage our 8 months old and 2 year old. He helps to shower the kids, feed, change diapers, reads them books daily, etc. He’s a super dad. Even with he’s hectic work schedule he accommodates the kids and their activities. He’s the best dad ever.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your father! Your husband also sounds very special – I love dads that are so involved!

    • Congratulations! You have been randomly selected as our winner!

  3. This is so important! It is becoming more and more common that mothers work full-time and fathers stay home with young kids, but I do think many books are written from the expectation that a mother is the reader. This was definitely something my husband noticed (and sometimes changed the genders of the parent in the book on the fly as he read to our kids). Hooray for daddies, for sure! Thanks for the post!

    • Yes, exactly! Just as many men’s restrooms don’t have changing tables. Good for him for changing the gender as he was reading!

  4. Love this post, and I agree with you. Although not true to a full extent, but we can definitely find more books that celebrate mothers. I’ll share something that I appreciate about my husband, and it’s the special bond that he and our son have. I love seeing them together, laugh, and play with each other.It warms my heart.What a great giveaway!

  5. There is most definitely a need for books recognizing fathers. Nowadays there seems to be more fathers that are primary caregivers due to various circumstances. It is so wonderful to see them being recognized and celebrated.

  6. Great post! It’s so important to celebrate the great impact fathers have. Love these giveaways! I’m remembering camping trips and my dad teaching us to fish. His love of the National Parks helped shape me and my own love for the amazing landscapes and places in our country. Thanks for putting this collection together.

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