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 August 17, 2017  Geography

This month is Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) Heritage Month, so I put together some worksheets to help students learn more about these fascinating countries. I am a geography nut, and luckily my kids are as well, so this is a fun way to learn together. I am especially passionate about the geography of the MENA countries because this is a region often in the news but still little understood. The first step is a knowledge of the basic facts, which, for a region so rich in history and cultural heritage, is sure to spark wonder and a desire to learn more.

MENA Countries Worksheets {Printable} |

The first page of the worksheets is matching countries to capitals, and the second is for testing knowledge of some fun facts about the region. All of the answers can be found in these two websites: Middle East Countries at a Glance and Scholastic’s Middle East overview for teachers.

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To download your free copy, click on the link below:

MENA Countries Worksheets


Middle Eastern and North African Heritage Month | Multicultural Kid Blogs

Welcome to the third annual Middle Eastern and North African Heritage Month series from Multicultural Kid Blogs! Follow along all month long for great resources on teaching children about the heritage of this region, and link up your own posts below. Don’t miss our series from last year and from 2015!

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