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Bathtime is one of those sweet moments of childhood, where little ones can laugh and play in the bubbles and enjoy splashing in the water. Or at least that’s how it’s supposed to be, right?? Each of my kids has loved and hated baths at different stages in their lives, though for the most part they are like many of the characters in the books below – they protest getting in and then protest getting out! Luckily there are great children’s authors out there that recognize bathtime as a fertile ground for humor and play. So whether your kids love their tub time or resist it, these fun bathtime books will have them looking at baths in a whole new way.

Fun Bathtime Books Your Child Will Love |

Fun Bathtime Books Your Child Will Love

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While most of the bathtime books in this list are simply about bathtime, I thought it appropriate to include one that is meant to be used in the tub! Bath Books: Bathtime is an example of a book that is actually safe to use in the bathtub. We had several like this when my oldest was little, and they came in so handy when he went through a phase of hating to get in the tub. These books were a lifesaver! They also went with us when we traveled and he had trouble adjusted to doing his bath in a new place. Bright, colorful photos will engage the littlest readers, plus what a thrill to be allowed to take a book in the water with you!

In The Pigeon Needs a Bath! the classic Mo Willem’s character returns to tell us the many reasons he should not have to take a bath. Kids will laugh themselves silly at all of his excuses, and parents will recognize some that their own kids may have used. (My favorite part is when he complains that the water is too hot, then too cold, then too hot again – who else has been through that cycle with their kiddo??) One of our absolute favorite bathtime books.

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Another along these lines is 101 Reasons Why I’m Not Taking a Bath, a hilarious book that we read over and over again. Here is a boy who has a seemingly endless list of excuses about why he really doesn’t need a bath, including “scientific facts” like a kid in Texas once turned into a prune after taking a bath. I love how the illustrations show him becoming progressively dirty as the story goes on, all the while he is protesting how clean he is.

Imagine that you are blissfully relaxing in the tub, when 9 of your friends show up and want to jump in, too! That is just what happens to a poor pig in Ten Pigs: An Epic Bath Adventure. One by one more pigs dive into his own tranquil bathtub, until it is far too crowded to be relaxing! When another uninvited guest (a wolf!) decides to join in the fun, the pigs flee – but what happened to the first pig? Wonderful twist ending!

Get Out of My Bath! is a recent discovery. The beginning reminds me of Press Here, as the readers are encouraged to tilt the book back and forth to see the water in the tub “splash” when you turn the page. This is another case of a peaceful bath interrupted by uninvited visitors. Ellie the Elephant comes up with a solution perfectly suited to her – sucking up all the water until the other animals leave!

What are your favorite bathtime books?

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