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 November 28, 2017  Geography

Ever since I was a girl I loved geography: I was fascinated by learning about different parts of the world and what made them unique. Here is a creative, fun geography activity to help children play with concepts as they imagine and design their own continent! The planning worksheet helps them think through elements to include, such as mountains, rivers, and various biomes, plus there is a drawing sheet provided for their final creation. You never know what they will come up with!

Geography Activity for Kids: Design Your Own Continent |

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Geography Activity for Kids: Design Your Own Continent

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Here is a two-part geography activity for kids to design their own continent! For more on biomes, you can visit this page, recommended by the National Geographic for Kids website.

Right-click on the images below to download:

Page 1: Planning Page

Geography Activity for Kids: Design Your Own Continent |

Page 2: Drawing Page

Geography Activity for Kids: Design Your Own Continent |

This geography activity was inspired by the reading of a wonderful new children’s book. Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth is the latest from kid lit rock star Oliver Jeffers, well known as illustrator of the wildly popular The Day the Crayons Quit and author/illustrator of wonderful books like Stuck. This gorgeous new work is Jeffers’ response to becoming a father, as he tried to make sense of the world for his newborn son. With his characteristic sense of humor, Jeffers introduces us to the world, in terms of its physical makeup and place in the universe as well as the its human diversity. More fundamentally, it is an overview of the basics of life itself and how we should treat each other and the world we share. This is a beautiful book to inspire curiosity and wonder in children and adults alike and is sure to become a popular gift for baby showers and graduations!

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