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If you’re like me, you are trying to get your kids outdoors as much as possible! I’ve got a few little tricks, like eating breakfast in the backyard (which always morphs into playtime as well) and taking school time outside. We’ve got a great picnic table we can use for crafts and written work, but I also try to take advantage of being outdoors by including more active learning. Here is one super easy outdoor Spanish learning activity that helps with gross motor skills as well as language learning. Big bonus: my kids didn’t want to stop playing!

Outdoor Spanish Learning Activity with Chalk

It can sometimes be a challenge to find Spanish activities that engage all three of my children. But all of them learn well through active learning, so this simple outdoor Spanish learning activity was an instant hit!

Good news for busy parents and teachers: no prep involved, and all you need is a sidewalk or patio, and chalk!

Here’s what to do:

  1. Draw a house with chalk. Make it as detailed or simple as you want, to match the level of the children’s vocabulary.
  2. Call out a part of the house, and the children must jump there as quickly as possible.
  3. Repeat for as long as they want to play!

You can play this on two levels:

  1. Adentro/afuera. At the simplest level, you call out either adentro or afuera, and they must jump either inside or outside of the chalk drawing. That’s actually where this whole idea came from, when I noticed my children were getting these two words confused.
  2. Las partes de la casa. For a more complicated game, call out a different part of the house each time, and the children must jump there as quickly as they can. For example, our house had a door, windows, roof, and chimney. We later added to the outside of the house, with a patio, tree, and clouds in the sky.

If your children enjoy this game as much as mine did, you can try different variations, like numbers, colors, and so on.

What’s your favorite outdoor learning activity?

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