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Ayyam-i-Ha Gift Guide 2013 - Alldonemonkey.comGuide to Labels: Bahá’í-inspired: Baha'i-inspired - Ayyam-i-Ha Gift Guide - Alldonemonkey.com Eco-friendly: Eco-friendly - Ayyam-i-Ha Gift Guide - Alldonemonkey.com Family-owned/Family-run:Family-owned or Family-run - Ayyam-i-Ha Gift Guide - Alldonemonkey.com Multicultural: Multicultural small - Ayyam-i-Ha Gift Guide - Alldonemonkey.com

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95 Prayers Baha'i-inspired - Ayyam-i-Ha Gift Guide - Alldonemonkey.comFamily-owned or Family-run - Ayyam-i-Ha Gift Guide - Alldonemonkey.com

95prayersBahá’í Prayer Beads, Bahá’í Jewelry (particularly gold and sterling silver jewelry), Distinctive Bahá’í decor items for the Bahá’í home (fine art, calligraphy, photographic enlargements, and other Bahá’í-related accessories.

Shipping Restrictions: We ship to US, Canada, Western Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.

For more details see: Crafts and Gift ItemsJewelry



Barbara’s Handcrafts Baha'i-inspired - Ayyam-i-Ha Gift Guide - Alldonemonkey.com Family-owned or Family-run - Ayyam-i-Ha Gift Guide - Alldonemonkey.com Multicultural small - Ayyam-i-Ha Gift Guide - Alldonemonkey.com

I am a gourd Artisan and have created, bowls, night lights, and pendants with nine pointed stars, calligraphy, and quotes from the Bahá’í Writings using pyrography. They are ready to ship or I can do special requests.

See also: Crafts and Gift ItemsHousehold, Jewelry


Enable Me To Grow / Soulrise Melodies Baha'i-inspired - Ayyam-i-Ha Gift Guide - Alldonemonkey.com Eco-friendly - Ayyam-i-Ha Gift Guide - Alldonemonkey.com Family-owned or Family-run - Ayyam-i-Ha Gift Guide - Alldonemonkey.com

Enable Me to Grow - Soulrise MelodiesOur website, Enable Me To Grow, is aimed at supporting Bahá’í families with inspiration and practical tools to foster spiritual education in their homes and communities. Soulrise Melodies is the musical duo associated with the website.

Shipping Restrictions: No shipping. The picture will only be sold in digital format.

See also: Kids’ Gifts, Music

Featured Products:

EMTG Prayer Poster

This specially commissioned piece by freelance artist Laura Caldentey is offered as a special gift to contributors in thanks for their financial support which allows our website to keep running.  After creating this piece, we thought it was too precious to keep to ourselves.  So using the picture and the prayer that inspired our website’s name we took a step further to make a special prayer poster to share with everyone.  You can use it to decorate your child’s room, to give as a gift, or to print out to keep in your own prayer book.  It is available as part of our membership materials, which you receive after donating any amount to our website.  Extra copies of the poster can be made for a suggested donation of $5 each.



Garment of GloryBaha'i-inspired - Ayyam-i-Ha Gift Guide - Alldonemonkey.com Family-owned or Family-run - Ayyam-i-Ha Gift Guide - Alldonemonkey.com Multicultural small - Ayyam-i-Ha Gift Guide - Alldonemonkey.com

‘Garment of Glory – Baha’i Inspired Clothing Designs’ started through a commitment to illuminating the Writings and principles of the Bahá’í Faith for all to enjoy and spread the beautiful message of oneness and unity throughout the world.

Shipping Restrictions: Ships worldwide.

See also: Clothing, Gifts for Kids


A Gladsome Heart EtsyBaha'i-inspired - Ayyam-i-Ha Gift Guide - Alldonemonkey.com Family-owned or Family-run - Ayyam-i-Ha Gift Guide - Alldonemonkey.com

A Gladsome Heart offers unique celebration banners for Ayyam-i-Ha, Naw-Ruz and Ridvan as well as beautifully crafted Greatest Name art pieces, nine pointed star mandalas, quotes from the writings and other Baha’i inspired cut paper art and products.

Shipping Restrictions: Ships worldwide via USPS in 1-5 business days.

See also: Crafts and Gift Items, Stationery and Paper Goods

Featured Product:

Lace Bahá’í Greatest Name

This original design is carefully cut out of heavyweight acid free cardstock and mounted under an 11″x14″ white bevel cut mat with an 8″x10″ mat opening. The art piece is ready to be framed and enjoyed, or given as a special gift.







Sophia Wood Art Baha'i-inspired - Ayyam-i-Ha Gift Guide - Alldonemonkey.com

I am an artist from Longmont, Colorado. I love art, mathematics, literature, nature and life. My philosophy is to make are enjoyable and affordable for all people to have beauty in their homes and life. Everything I do is with spiritual inspiration and love.

I do photography, beading, painting, webdesign and children’s books. Custom art, books, and paintings are available.  Please visit Sophia Images for more photography.

See also: Books

Featured Product:

Parallel - Sophia WoodParallel








a tiny seed Baha'i-inspired - Ayyam-i-Ha Gift Guide - Alldonemonkey.com

An online shop specializing in art prints, paintings and porcelain jewelry inspired by the Bahá’í Faith and the Sacred Writings of other faiths. I sell high quality prints from original paintings of illuminated prayers, the Greatest Name and Bahá’í quotes. All works are approved by a committee appointed by my Local Spiritual Assembly.  Porcelain jewelry is all hand-made by me here in my home studio with all of my own hand-made molds and stamps.

Fine art prints of original works as well as one of a kind ceramic and mixed-media pieces.

Featured product:

Bahá’í Quote: “I want you to be happy…”









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