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The following post is from our dear friends The Sugar Aunts.  So excited to share one of their great crafts with you today!

Thanks for having us over to share a craft today, Leanna and All Done Monkey readers!   We are big fans of Leanna and her blog so it’s an honor to share our Fine Motor Flower craft today. 

We are big fans of incorporating fine motor skills for kids into crafts, play, and activities.  We try to make our crafts fun while working on developmental skills at the same time.  This fine motor flower was no exception!

Kids will practice fine motor skills when creating this spring flower
We needed a few supplies for this fun flower: dry pasta, red paint, red construction paper, green paint, green construction paper, tongue depressors, and a recycled egg carton.


Fine Motor Flower craft - Sugar Aunts on
We started with hearts we already had from a previous activity.  We made a Noodle art garland craft back at Valentine’s Day and re-used those hearts for these flowers.  It was a great fine motor activity and also very fun!  With our noodle hearts ready to go, we painted a few tongue depressors with green paint.


Fine Motor Flower craft - Sugar Aunts on

The hearts were glued to one end of the tongue depressors and green leaves cut from construction paper glued in the middle.  We painted a few sections of egg cartons green and cut a slit into the cardboard of the egg carton.  This was a job for Mom, to keep little hands safe!

My Little Guy was able to push the bottom of the tongue depressor stems into the egg carton slits.  He especially loved doing this part of the craft.  Pushing the tongue depressors into the egg cartons is a great way to work on those fine motor skills, as holding the tongue depressors encourages a tripod grasp.  The resistance of the egg carton provides a little feedback and strengthening. 

Our flowers are looking pretty on our window sill and I love that we re-used an old craft.

The Sugar Aunts are three sisters who blog about all things creative in motherhood.  They love playful learning, creative kid’s crafts, sensory and fine motor activities, kid’s party themes, DIY, and so much more.  Between the three Aunts, there are 6 cousins (with more on the way!) who are around each other so often, they are more like siblings than cousins! You can see the action at  Follow along on Pinterest, Facebook, Google+Twitter, and Instagram.


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Although many people are shifting their focus to the start of school, we are still hanging on to summer here and spending as much time in the pool as possible.  This is also the point in the summer when many parents start to run out of ideas to keep their kids happily occupied.

So to help you find a wealth of ideas to celebrate all that is glorious about summer, I have collected a list of my very favorite summer Pinterest boards for families.  So enjoy exploring and let us know how you are still celebrating the season!

Outings and Travel

Travel with Baby from Nothing If Not Intentional

Nothing If Not Intentional - Summer Fun Pinterest Boards on

Places to Take the Kids from Little Hiccups

Traveling with Kids from Mama Smiles

Travel with Kids from All Done Monkey

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Travel with Kids from Multicultural Kid Blogs


Summer Crafts and Fun from J Daniel 4’s Mom

beach from Crafty Moms Share

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Summer Crafts/Snacks from One Mommy

Summer Crafts & Activities for Kids from Local Fun for Kids


Keeping Kids Busy from Mamas Like Me

Summer Activities for Kids from KC Edventures with Kids

KC Edventures - Summer Fun Pinterest Boards on

Summer Play from The Sugar Aunts

Summer Play & Crafts for Kids from Buggy and Buddy


Collaborative board Virtual Book Club Summer Camp

Summer Activities: Keep ‘Em Learning from This Reading Mama

School’s Out, a collaborative board from The Educators’ Spin On It

Educators' Spin On It - Summer Fun Pinterest Boards on

DIY Summer school from Busy Kids Happy Mom

Summer Skills from KC Edventures for Kids

Bucket Lists

From Adventures in Wunderland

From Rainy Day Mum

Rainy Day Mum - Summer Fun Pinterest Boards on

From KC Edventures with Kids

From Play Dr Mom

Outdoor Fun

Outdoor Fun with kids from Adventures in Wunderland

Summer Time and Outside Play for Kids from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

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Outdoor Activities for Kids from Craftulate

Summer Fun

To kick things off, of course, I have to include my own board!

Summertime Family Fun, from All Done Monkey

Summer Fun Pinterest Boards -

Summer, from Tutus and Tea Parties

Summer Fun for the Family, from Mama Pea Pod

Summer Fun for Kids, from Mama Smiles

Summer Fun Pinterest Boards - Mama Smiles on

Summer, from Mom with a Lesson Plan

99 Days of Summer, from a great board especially for those in Oakland, Berkeley, and the vicinity

Summertime from Kitchen Counter Chronicles

Summer With Kids from Pleasantest Thing

Summer Fun for Kids from Mamas Like Me

Summer Fun Pinterest Boards on

Summer, from Creative Playhouse

Spring and Summer from Nothing If Not Intentional

Summer Lovin’ from See Vanessa Craft

Summer from Play Trains!

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Making Plans for Summer from Kids Stuff World

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Summer Fun from Living Montessori Now

Summer: for the Kids from My Nearest & Dearest

Best Summer Ever from Simple. Home. Blessings. about being intentional about your summer

Summer Fun Boards -

Summer 2013 from Creekside Learning

Summer is Sizzling from Creative Connections for Kids

Summer with Kids from Fantastic Fun and Learning

Spring and Summer Ideas from Mess for Less

Summer from Crafty Moms Share

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Coming soon!

What keepsakes do you use to preserve your family reunion memories?

Mar 062013

You Know You Are A Parent When - World Citizen Wednesdays on AlldonemonkeyWelcome to World Citizen Wednesday!

Each week we pose a question to members of the fabulous Multicultural Kid Blogs group and share their answers here.

To find out more about these amazing bloggers, check out the Multicultural Kid Blogs Facebook page. And watch for our group website, coming soon!

This week we ask them to complete this sentence:

You know you’re a parent when…

Amanda of Miss Panda Chinese: You start listening to Eentsy Weentsy Spider in the car and singing with the tune when the kids are not with you.

Cordelia of Multilingual Mama: You wipe an arse other than your own without thinking twice. Same goes for all undesired body fluids.

Christi of Learning to Be the Light: You apologize to the stuffed animal you stepped on…by name…

Jody of Mud Hut Mama: You call your spouse Dada.

Olga of The European Mama: No matter how tired you are you still find the strength to play another game, to sing another song, to do another puzzle…When the prospect of going grocery shopping on your own seems just as tempting as a whole day at a spa…When you find your child’s sunglasses in the fridge.

Daria of Making Multicultural Music: You put on your shoe and there’s a cucumber slice hidden from last night’s dinner inside of it. (really happened!)

Aisha of Hartlyn Kids: When you can pick up poop with your bare hands and think nothing of it

Frances of Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes:  When you look into your pocketbook (purse/handbag) to look for a lipstick, and the only thing that you find that has “colors” are the crayons you just pulled out! Plus, your pocketbook (purse/handbag) turns into a diaper bag, with a change of clothes, snacks, toys, sanitizer, napkins, etc. and the only thing in the bag that belongs to your is your wallet, and cell phone.

[Although, as Jody of Mud Hut Mama points out: What does belong to you still? I think the only things I own at this point are my grey hairs and my wrinkles and they are gifts from my girls.]

Leanna of All Done Monkey: You decide to change your shirt not based on *whether* it has milk/oatmeal/playdough on it, but how much and how obvious.

World Citizen Wednesdays -

Thanks to all the bloggers who shared their answers here! Watch for more answers to this prompt in next week’s installment!

You can read answers to earlier questions in our previous installments of World Citizen Wednesday, including tips for traveling with kids!

Find out more about these wonderful bloggers by visiting our Facebook page, subscribing to our Facebook feed, following us on Twitter, or following our group Pinterest board! On Twitter, you can also find us by using the hashtag #multiculturalkids. And watch for our very own website, coming soon!

Dec 082012

PhotobucketWe are so excited about this series on Random Acts of Kindness. Each week a different blogger has been sharing about a day that they and their little ones dedicated to committing random acts of kindness.

Readers will have a chance to share their own experiences with committing random acts of kindness on our Facebook page, to be a part of our final series post on December 21.

Now that we are just over halfway through the series, I wanted to recap the posts so far and preview what is to come!

What We’ve Seen So Far

On November 5 I shared about the day Monkey and I had delivering treats and cookies to people important in his life, like the library staff and doctors.

On November 12 Jody @ Mud Hut Mama told us about their day in Malawi, learning how to be kind to family, others, the earth and wildlife.

On November 19 Tallulah @ Bilingual Babes wrote about their day in the UK, showing kindness to family as well as fellow shoppers and skaters.

On November 26 Rachael @ Little Red Farm posted about their day in France, helping not only those nearby but also disadvantaged children around the world.

On December 3 Becky @ Kid World Citizen showcased their day in the US, spreading holiday cheer with caroling and homemade cookies.

What We Can Look Forward To

Watch for more posts from the amazing bloggers below.  I’ve had a sneak preview, and you won’t want to miss any of them!

December 10 – Melissa @ Vibrant Wanderings

December 17 – Frances @ Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes

December 20 -Varya @ Little Artists

December 21 – Wrap up and reader submissions from our Facebook page!

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PhotobucketThis is the fourth installment in our new series on Random Acts of Kindness. Each week a different blogger will share about a day that they and their little ones dedicated to committing random acts of kindness.

Readers will have a chance to share their own experiences with committing random acts of kindness on our Facebook page, to be a part of our final series post on December 19.

This week’s post comes to us from Little Red Farm, who shares about her Random Acts of Kindness Day in France with her two young children. Visit the main Random Acts of Kindness Challenge page for a full schedule of the posts in this series.

Random Acts of Kindness: Little Red Farm

I’ve always been drawn to the idea of doing random acts of kindness around the neighbourhood and when I heard that my friend Leanna from All Done Monkey was looking for people to post about their random acts I jumped at the chance.Little Red Farm - Random Acts of Kindness -

Did you see the post last week?  Tallulah and her children sellotaped coins to a parking meter which I thought was just genius!

Secretly I was hoping to start a new yarn bombing mission to decorate Paris in beautiful knitted post box covers and such but there are just never enough hours in the day.

We did manage to do a few different things this week with the theme of kindness:  here’s a selection…

We all helped out at our local dairy farm – spreading out the hay for the cows to eat.

Little Red Farm - Random Acts of Kindness - Alldonemonkey.comOn our way home from the farm we decided to randomly let everyone out of a junction rather than going ahead ourselves.  This was much appreciated by the other drivers not least because in France no one ever lets you out of a junction (it’s survival of the fittest on the roads here).  It took quite a long time before we could go again.

We made biscuits (at four o’clock in the morning) and handed them out to commuters on the train.

Oh and we also found a local children’s charity “Maison d’enfants à caractère sociale” where children for children that are removed from their families 🙁  Each year they write a Christmas list of what they would like and then you can choose something to buy.  We selected a gift for a 9 year old boy who had written that he wanted a football for Christmas.Little Red Farm - Random Acts of Kindness -

Last but not least we have decided that we would like to send a few culture swap packages to disadvantaged children around the world.  We have the packages ready and now we just need some suggested places to send them so leave a comment if you have an idea of a children’s home or similar ideas.

Thanks Leanna for this opportunity to share our kindness activities!

Little Red Farm

Little Red FarmRachael and her family try to live as naturally as possible in every way – sometimes in England, sometimes Sweden, and sometimes France.  She is an electrical engineer on paper but an artist at heart.  You can read more about their adventures and Rachael’s creations for her boys at Little Red Farm.  You can also visit Little Red Farm on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Watch for a post next week from Kid World Citizen! You can see a full schedule of the posts in this series by visiting the main Random Acts of Kindness Challenge page.

Aug 282012

I Love to Read: Alldonemonkey on Literally InspiredI am so thrilled to being doing a guest post today on the amazing blog, Literally Inspired.  Ginger is a wonderful blogger dedicated to sharing her love of books with everyone – a woman after my own heart!

Ginger is currently running a series where her blogging friends get to share some of their favorite books.  So hop on over to Literally Inspired and see what my little Monkey and I are reading!

I Love to Read: Post on Literally Inspired

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