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Spring Treasure Hunt {Naw-Ruz} |

To celebrate the coming arrival of spring, here is a fun spring treasure hunt you can do with your kids.  Specifically, I created it as a fun activity to celebrate the Bahá’í holiday Naw-Rúz, which falls on the first day of spring.  In the past I have focused mainly on flower crafts (tulips, daffodils, and poppies, oh my!), so this year I decided to do an activity instead.

I also wanted something that I could use as part of our home schooling, as a fun way for Monkey to use some of the concepts he’s been learning.  And who doesn’t love a treasure hunt??

To do this, I came up with 6 challenges for him to complete.  After each one, he’ll receive a clue to a final riddle, where he has to guess what word the clues are describing.  Once he solves that, he’ll get a treasure map leading to some treats!  (A variation on this would be to cut the treasure map into puzzle pieces and give the child one piece after completing each challenge).

Spring Treasure Hunt

Download a printable of all of the clues at the end of this post.

Challenge #1: Life Cycle of a Seed (Biology, Sequencing)

For this, I will cut out images of the life cycle of a seed (such as those here), mix them up, and have Monkey put them in order.

Clue #1: Has 6 letters

Challenge #2: Spring True/False (Reading Comprehension, Critical Thinking, Science)

This challenge involves several simple true/false questions about spring and Bahá’í Naw-Rúz.  Download your copy by right-clicking on the image below:

Spring Treasure Hunt {Naw Ruz} |

Clue #2: Contains the letter “R”

Challenge #3: Make a flower or tree out of Legos (Art, Engineering)

You can always vary the materials for this challenge – play dough or popsicle sticks, for example.

Clue #3: Rhymes with “king”

Challenge #4: Addition/Subtraction Questions (Math)

Obviously, you can vary this according to the ability of your child.  Monkey is learning basic addition and subtract, greater than or equal to, so that is what I focused on in my questions.

Clue #4: Starts in the month of March

Challenge #5: Acrostic Poem Poster (Language Arts, Art)

We will do a simple form of acrostic poetry, in which each letter of the main word is the beginning of a new line in the poem.  Bahá’ís could use the word “Naw-Ruz,” and others could do “Spring” or “Flower.”  After creating the poem on a sheet of poster board, we will decorate it to hang on the wall.

Clue #5: Starts with “S”

Challenge #6: Missing Words (Language Arts, Critical Thinking)

For this challenge, I took a line from this beautiful Bahá’í prayer that draws on the imagery of a seed:

I am, O my God, but a tiny seed which Thou hast sown in the soil of Thy love, and caused to spring forth by the hand of Thy bounty. – Bahá’u’lláh

I wrote it on a piece of paper, leaving out key words.  I then wrote these missing words on slips of paper.  Monkey will have the complete prayer to refer to, and have to determine which word goes in each space.

Clue #6: Comes after winter

Download your copy of all the clues by right-clicking and saving the image below:

Spring Scavenger Hunt {Naw-Ruz} |

Now that you have all six clues, did you guess what the answer is??

If Monkey guesses correctly (“Spring”!) then I’ll give him a treasure map, leading him straight to the spot in the house where I’ve hidden some treats.  A sweet way to end the lesson, indeed!

Happy Naw-Rúz, everyone!

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Spring Flower Craft: Popsicle Stick Tulips {Naw Ruz} -

Recently I was fortunate enough to help my dear friend Varya (of Creative World of Varya) organize a card exchange among children around the world for the Bahá’í new year (Naw Rúz), which is coming up on March 21.

It is exciting to see how the exchange has grown since it began last year.  At that time we had 63 children from 16 countries participate.  This year – 181 children from 23 countries: Australia, Austria, Cambodia, Canada, China, England, Fiji, Germany, Gibraltar, Guyana, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Ireland, Kenya, Kosovo, Nepal, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Tonga, UK, and USA.  So exciting!

As it happened, my Monkeys were paired with children in Germany.  We had fun making simple cards to send to these new friends, plus – though it wasn’t required – we made some spring flowers to include.

The Bahá’í new year falls on the first day of spring in many parts of the world, so I thought it would be fun to include a spring flower.  Last year we did California poppies, and this year we did another of my favorite flowers – tulips!

Spring Flower Craft: Popsicle Stick Tulips {Naw Ruz} -

For this I had Monkey paint popsicle sticks for the stems.  Then he glued on the petals I had cut out ahead of time.

Spring Flower Craft: Popsicle Stick Tulips {Naw Ruz} -

Such a simple craft, but so much fun, and I thought the end product was very sweet.  Hopefully our new friends in Germany will enjoy them as much as we did!

For more fun spring crafts and activities, be sure to follow our Spring Pinterest board!

Spring Flower Craft: Popsicle Stick Tulips {Naw Ruz} -

How are you getting ready for spring?  Have you ever participated in a card exchange?

Apr 042013

Knitting the Hearts Together - Kids Card Exchange - Alldonemonkey.comHow do you teach a child to be a world citizen?  There is no simple answer, but for me a fundamental element has to be love.  Instilling a deep love for others in your child will give context and meaning to the facts and traditions you teach and will become a prime motivator for doing good in the world.

With this in mind, this year I helped a group of mothers coordinated a card exchange on a global scale.  I was inspired by a Valentine’s Day card exchange organized by Glittering Muffins.  Monkey had so much fun with it, I decided we should do something similar for Bahá’í new year (Naw Rúz).  I was hoping that it would be a way to make geography come to life, as we exchanged cards with children from other parts of the world.  But on a deeper level it was about helping create bonds with other children.  A friend put it best: It was about “knitting the hearts together.”

Organizing the card exchange was a real reminder of how much social media has made it so easy for people to connect worldwide.  I put out a call on Facebook for those that wanted to participate, and within days I had a list of 63 children!Knitting the Hearts Together - Kids Card Exchange -

I tried to match each child with another of roughly the same age, preferably living in another country.  Each child created a card plus a flower of some type.  (For example, we made California poppies out of cardstock).  The flowers symbolized the coming of spring that Naw Rúz celebrates, plus they illustrated the Bahá’í belief that we are all “flowers of one garden.”  In addition, the child could include other items, such as a photo.

I was blown away by the geographic spread of the participants.   Here are the countries represented:

USA, Canada, Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, Ireland, UK, France, Germany, Iceland, Ethiopia, Uganda, Ghana,  China, Malaysia, Tonga, Australia

The ages of the children ranged from two months (Baby Monkey and a little girl in Delaware) to 14 years.

I really admire the enthusiasm and creativity of the families involved.  The Monkeys received lovely cards, one from North Carolina and the one from Ireland.  Both included beautiful family photos and notes from the children.Knitting the Hearts Together - Kids Card Exchange -

Here are some photos generously shared by other participating families:

From Katherin in Maryland (girls ages 3 and 5): “Here they are with their finished cards. We also added a family picture, some butterfly stickers and for the older girl, Nura added a star bookmark. They were the creators and I just helped along the way. Also, I showed them on google maps where the cards were going–one across the US and the other will go across the Atlantic Ocean to England. They were excited.”

Knitting the Hearts Together - Kids Card Exchange - Alldonemonkey.comKnitting the Hearts Together - Kids Card Exchange -






From Erin in Iceland (boys ages 1.5 and 6): “We received our cards and our boys were very happy :)”

Knitting the Hearts Together - Kids Card Exchange - Alldonemonkey.comKnitting the Hearts Together - Kids Card Exchange -









From Jenny in California (girls ages 4 and 7):

Knitting the Hearts Together - Kids Card Exchange -

Knitting the Hearts Together - Kids Card Exchange -

Knitting the Hearts Together - Kids Card Exchange -

Knitting the Hearts Together - Kids Card Exchange -

You can also see how kids in Ghana (Gems of Oneness blog) and in China (Little Artists blog) made their cards!

How do you help your child create bonds with other children around the world?

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Spring Party and Free Printable (Naw Ruz) - Alldonemonkey.comWhen you want to celebrate, it’s such a gift to have good friends to party with.  That was how Monkey and I felt when some of our best friends were able to join us for a spring party last week to celebrate the Bahá’í new year (Naw Rúz), which falls on the first day of spring.

We were also lucky enough to have my parents in town during the holiday!  Monkey was so excited to have them here, and they were such a big help to me getting everything together for our guests.  Baby Monkey got some extra snuggle time with his grandma while I rushed around at the party, and the kids were drawn to my father like a magnet, which tends to happen wherever we go.

I had hoped for some beautiful weather so the kids could play outside, but unfortunately it was so windy we opted to keep them indoors.  This meant that at times the noise level got a bit high, but everyone was having so much fun we didn’t mind.Spring Party and Free Printable (Naw Ruz) -

One thing I love about this group of friends is that everyone jumps right in to whatever activity we are doing.  We had a craft table in one area, where the kids could do a daffodil craft, and in another area there was a table set up for making fruit pizzas.

Beyond that, there was a lot of time for the kids to play with toys and run around.  There were also a few groups that spontaneously decided to read story books together, which is always one of my favorite activities.

I was so proud of Monkey for being such a great host, which to me is an important part of learning to be of service.  He shouted “Happy Naw Rúz!” to all of our guests when they arrived, and when they left he helped me hand out the favors: a packet of seeds and a card with a quote.  We had to work on not just throwing the seed packets to the kids, but most of them thought this was funny, too, so no harm done 🙂

For the cards, on one side I printed “Happy Naw Rúz!”  On the other side, I chose a line from one of my favorite children’s prayers:

I am a sapling of the garden of love;

make me into a fruitful tree.

 ‘Abdu’l-BaháSpring Party and Free Printable (Naw Ruz) -

It is such a beautiful quote and was right in keeping with the “garden” theme of our favors.  You download Word document here (makes nine cards): Naw Ruz party cards.

Thanks to our guests for making it such a special day!

Spring Party and Free Printable (Naw Ruz) -

Spring Party and Free Printable (Naw Ruz) -

Spring Party and Free Printable (Naw Ruz) -

How do you celebrate spring?

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 March 26, 2013  crafts, multiculturalism, Naw Ruz, raising world citizens Comments Off on Daffodil Spring Craft (Naw Ruz): Paper Cup Series

Daffodil Craft - Naw Ruz - Alldonemonkey.comI am so happy to be participating in the Paper Cup series on Creative World of Varya!  Today we share about the daffodil craft we did for a recent spring party to celebrate the Bahá’í new year (Naw Rúz).

Monkey and I had a great time with our friends, and the kids enjoyed this simple, pretty daffodil craft.

To read more, hop on over to our friend Varya’s place.  While you’re there, be sure to check out her wonderfully creative blog!

Daffodil Spring Craft (Naw Rúz): Paper Cup Series

Mar 102013

Spring Craft - California Poppies (Naw Ruz) - Alldonemonkey.comSpring is approaching, and we are glad to think of something other than cold, rainy days.

On the Bahá’í calendar, the first day of spring (March 21) coincides with our New Year (Naw Rúz), so I decided to do a springtime craft with Monkey to prepare.

This year we are participating in a Naw Rúz card exchange with other children, which I will write more about soon.  In addition to cards, the children also create flowers to send to each other.  This is partly to celebrate the coming of spring and partly to bring to life the beautiful quotation from the Bahá’u’lláh about unity in diversity: “Ye are all fruits of one tree, the leaves of one branch, the flowers of one garden.”

Since we are sending our cards to Ireland and China as well as the US, I thought it would be fun to make our local California poppies for them.  They are so beautiful, and I have fond memories of seeing them along the side of the road as my husband and I drove on the scenic Highway 1 on our first anniversary, shortly after moving to California.

Of course, to Monkey they were just a good excuse to get his hands on some glue!

Spring Craft - California Poppies (Naw Ruz) -

I cut out the flower pieces ahead of time then let Monkey glue them onto the card stock.  I chose to make the flowers this way since lately he enjoys this more than coloring or drawing.  I think with those he gets frustrated that his hands can’t create what his mind visualizes.  With gluing pieces or using stickers, he can construct a picture exactly as he wants.

Spring Craft - California Poppies (Naw Ruz) -

We both thought they turned out beautifully!

Monkey also decorated “Happy Naw Ruz” cards with – what else? – car and truck stickers.

Spring Craft - California Poppies (Naw Ruz) -

I included a photo of the Monkeys with each card, and we were ready to head to the post office!  Our cards are now making their way across the country and to Europe and Asia!

That evening, when we told my husband about our adventures, tender-hearted Monkey exclaimed that he wanted to make more cards: one for Daddy, one for Mommy, one for Baby, one for Grandpa and MaMa Pat, … Perhaps I am not so tender-hearted, because my first thought was, I have to cut out how many more flower pieces??? 🙂

How are you celebrating the coming of spring?

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