You can contact me via email at alldonemonkey(@)gmail(dot)com.  I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. HI My name is Carrie and my blog is I love your site and you have graciously linked my Ayyamiha felt Banner! Unfortunately you have incorrectly sourced it. You link my blog post back to Inculture Parent when in fact they created their post as a link to my blog. When you have a moment please change this so that it accurately reflects where it came from. Here is the proper link to the post

    Carrie Fidance

  2. Dear Leanna,

    How wonderful to come across “accidently” another Bahá’í Mum. I was in Pinterest repinning a post about bilingual education from “Playing with words 365”, which was infact a link from/to your blog. When I spotted the words “world citizen” and “spiritual education” on the headers I realised you must be Bahá’í. Love the website and the information you are sharing and indirectly teaching. Keep up the good work. Love from The Netherlands.


  3. Hi Leanna,

    I thought you and the other world citizen moms might like this video of my poetry:

    with light and love,
    Andrea Hope

  4. I would like to be a part of your multicultural kids pinterest board. I think my username is spikerfamily. We live abroad with our four kids in Mexico. Thanks!

    • Hi there! We received (and approved!) your application, so you should receive a welcome letter soon and be added to our Pinterest boards. Welcome!

  5. Hello, I am a Baha’i up in the Green Bay, WI. I found a new web site which looks like something you may want to check out.
    It is called: Kids For Peace
    Here is the link:
    Check out their “Great Kindness Challenge” which is one day devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible, choosing from a checklist of 50 suggestions. Help us rock the world with kindness and reach one million participants in 100 countries. Take the Challenge! You can do it by yourself, with your friends or even with a large group. It’s easy…and it’s so much fun!!! Hope you enjoy the site. Linda Somerhalder

  6. I AM real

  7. Hi Leanna,
    Thank you for all the wonderful resources you share. I had filled the information to add our website amongst your Ayyam-i-Ha gift ideas as we have quite a few books that make wonderful gifts for children (Virtue Seeds, Mason’s Greatest Gems…). It also has a lot of free printables that could make fun crafts for Ayyam-i-Ha. I was going through your list for ideas and could not find our site there. If it is still possible, I would love to add our site: – Please let me know if you need any additional information. Thank you! Elaheh Bos

  8. Hi Leanna I like your group boards ” Natural Parenting” and i wonder if you can invite me. If you want to take a look at my blog and all of my boards feel free to go. my account is all about home and kids. thank you my pinterest username: coloredreams

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