Raising Bilingual Kids: Resources for Families


Teaching a second language is a great way to set children up for success later in life! Not only does it have many benefits for the brain, it is also a great way to introduce a child to other cultures. And in the case of so many families like ours, it’s an important way to connect to family living abroad! Below I’ve collected my resources on raising bilingual kids, including homeschool resources, children’s books, and activities. While I do focus on Spanish language resources, there are resources in other languages as well.

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Raising Bilingual Kids


Bilingualism Board on Pinterest

Why Should My Child Learn Another Language?

Teaching a Second Language with Montessori

Z Is for Zombie: How Raising Bilingual Parenting Is Like Minecraft

Raising Bilingual Kids: What We Have Learned

Lessons Learned from Language Learning

Biliteracy: Why It Matters for Your Bilingual Child

Can a Non-Native Speaker Raise Bilingual Children?

How I Motivate My Resistant Preschooler to Speak a Second Language

Teaching Spanish

Easy Activities to Practice Spanish

7 Ways to Teach Your Kids Spanish Even If You Don’t Speak It

Homeschooling Spanish for Multiple Children

Top Homeschool Resources for Teaching Spanish

Pronunciation in Spanish: Tips for Helping Your Child

3 Must-Have Resources for Spanish-Speaking Preschoolers

3 Easy Ways to Use Music to Teach Preschool Spanish

Spanish Learning Songs for Kids

Spanish Songs for Kids: E es de Elefante

Spanish App for Kids to Teach Language and Culture

Bilingual Letter Craft: Q is for Que and Question

Learning All About Ants in Spanish

Spanish Halloween Activities

Spanish for Parents of Babies

Bilingual Books for Kids

Bilingual Books for Kids to Learn Spanish

New Bilingual Books for Kids of All Ages

Bilingual Board Books

Latino Bedtime Stories

Other Language Resources

Learn French as a Family: Favorite Resources

Learning about Language in Papua New Guinea

Valentine’s Day Mini Book in Several Languages

Learn Chinese with Mandarin Picture Books

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