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Random Acts of Kindness - AlldonemonkeyOur Random Acts of Kindness series was inspired by an amazing post about a blogger who dedicated her birthday to committing random acts of kindness.  This really made an impression on me, so I pulled together a group of my favorite bloggers, and we all committed to doing similar days with our little ones.

This started in November 2012 as a temporary series leading up to the holidays, but it was so popular that I have made it into a regular feature.  Each month a blogger will share about the random acts of kindness they committed with their little ones.  I’d love to hear your ideas, too!

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Random Acts of Kindness Day - Alldonemonkey.com

November 5, 2012 – Leanna @ All Done Monkey

Random Acts of Kindness 3- Mud Hut Mama - Alldonemonkey.com

November 12 – Jody @ Mud Hut Mama

November 19 – Tallulah @ Bilingual Babes

Little Red Farm - Random Acts of Kindness - Alldonemonkey.com

November 26 – Rachael @ Little Red Farm

Christmas Caroling - Random Acts of Kindness - Kid World Citizen on Alldonemonkey.com

December 3 – Becky @ Kid World Citizen


December 10 – Melissa @ Vibrant Wanderings


December 17 – Frances @ Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes

Little Artists - Random Acts of Kindness - Alldonemonkey.com

December 20 -Varya @ Creative World of Varya

Random Acts of Kindness - Sibling Love - Little Artists on Alldonemonkey

April 2013 – Varya @ Creative World of Varya

Teaching Kindness: Moms Gone Global - Random Acts of Kindness on Alldonemonkey.com

 May 2013 – Jill @ Moms Gone Global

June 2013 – Sheila @ Pennies of Time

Corn Gleaning Party: Random Acts of Kindness - The House of Hendrix on Alldonemonkey.com

July 2013 – Alli @ The House of Hendrix

Teaching Kindess {Random Acts of Kindness Series} - Moments a Day on Alldonemonkey.com

August 2013 – Chelsea @ Moments A Day

Acts of Kindness: Kids Yoga Stories - Random Acts of Kindness Series on Alldonemonkey.com

November 2013 – Giselle @ Kids Yoga Stories

Act of Kindness for Kids--Give a bag of LOVE!

 December 2013 – Megan @ Coffee Cups and Crayons

Thank you notes... just because - P is for Preschooler on Alldonemonkey.com {Random Acts of Kindness}

March 2014 – Emma @ P is for Preschooler

10 Creative Acts of Kindness for Earth Day - The Good Long Road on Alldonemonkey.com

April 2014 – Jen @ The Good Long Road

Acts of Kindness for Fall | Alldonemonkey.com

September 2014 – Leanna @ All Done Monkey

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Many thanks to ArahBella of ArahBella’s for designing our fabulous button!

This series is part of the Gift of Giving November Family Challenge at True Aim Education.

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  10. I am very happy to see your post on kindness. I have also joined a One Good deed organization who always ready to helping people’s in every situation.

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