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This week we ask…

What is your child’s favorite subject in school?  What was yours?

Olga of The European Mama: Mine were always language-related. As for my children, I don’t know but my youngest starts school soon and then I’ll be able to tell you.

Ute of expatsincebirth: Mine were languages (German, French, Italian and English), Maths, Biology and Arts. My son likes languages, ICT and sports. One of my daughters likes maths and sports, the other one languages, maths and music (especially drama).

Carrie of Crafty Moms Share: Mine was math and arts. My daughter is too young to really know yet.

Leanna of All Done Monkey: I loved languages, history, and music, though math was not far behind.  It’s too soon to tell with the boys, although my preschooler loves reading and anything mechanical.

Emma of Muslimas’ Oasis: My 8yo daughter is all about science. My 6yo it’s hard to tell yet, he’s still finding his way at school, if bugs were a subject it would be that or vehicles. Mine was art.

Kali of For the Love of Spanish: I liked art and reading/literature. I imagine if they had taught foreign languages at my elementary school I would have enjoyed that subject as well. My boys are not school age, but they both love reading. The oldest also seems to also like athletics; and with all the dumping and pouring and mixing of any liquids or elements he can get his hands on, the younger one might be headed towards being a scientist.

Natalie of Afterschool for Smarty Pants: Mine was Russian literature and, in later grades, chemistry, but I majored in computer science. Anna is in second grade, and they don’t have subjects yet. Her strongest “mini-subject” is certainly reading.

Annika of Be Bilingual: Mine was English – by far! My pre-teen seems to like everything except textile work (but when pressed, prefers French, Finnish and Maths), which again is the favorite subject of our 7-year old.

Jill of Moms Gone Global: My 9yo is obsessed with science, and also loves language learning. My 7yo loves math and all things art-related. My favorites were math, French and law courses.

Kat of Hapa Mom: Anna is too young for a favorite subject but mine were English and Japanese.

Amanda of Miss Panda Chinese: My 9-year-old boy loves science and math. My 7-year-old daughter loves arts and languages (Japanese and Chinese). My favorites were foreign languages and music.

Varya of Creative World of Varya: Art for my older one. Mine was French, Chemistry, Literature and History.P.S. I got Bs in final exams for all. I really didn’t like sitting through exams!!!

Amanda of Maroc Mama: Mine was history. My oldest (9) loves Math and Social Studies, my youngest (6) loves video games lol but seriously he really doesn’t care for school much – maybe art?

MaryAnne of Mama Smiles: My 7yo LOVES writing. I loved choir and drama.

Jennifer of The Good Long Road: My son is not quite 4 and just started preschool, so I’m not sure. But, what he always tells me about is the songs he sang at school that day (he doesn’t tell me, he sings them for me) and what activity he did outside. As for me, I loved history and music.

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