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 February 17, 2014  family, raising world citizens, travel

Welcome to the first ever Vlogging Telephone from Multicultural Kid Blogs!

Wait!  What in the world is that??

A group of bloggers from Multicultural Kid Blogs has joined together to create a chain of videos on traveling with kids.  Each person in the chain answers a question from the blogger ahead of them and asks a question to the blogger that follows.  All of the questions relate to family travel, and trust me, they are some great questions!

In the video below, I am answering a question from Olga of The European Mama (today appearing on Multicultural Kid Blogs): “What is your secret to family travel?”

I am asking Michelle of MotherTongues, “What was the most fun detour you have made when traveling with your kids?”


For more on family travel, be sure to visit our Travel with Kids Pinterest Board and stop by our MKB Book Club discussion of Family on the Loose!

  15 Responses to “My Secret to Family Travel {MKB Vlogging Telephone}”

  1. How fun! And such a true “secret”. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. It was so great to see and hear you Leanna!! I can agree that family travel with young children does not usually mean relaxation!!

  4. Yes, how true: I usually need a vacation after a vacation, especially if it involves going to see our families in South Africa!

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  6. Ok best advice ever on travel re managing expectations! This ought to be given out as part of the new parent starter kits. Your answer reminded me of one of my favorite lines ever from a sitcom called Modern Family. Totally paraphrasing here but basically they are on their way to a big family holiday in Hawaii for grandfather’s milestone birthday and his son in law turns to his daughter (they have 3 kids) and says something like ‘honey aren’t you excited about our vacation in Hawaii?” To which she answers totally matter of fact: “I am a stay at home mother. This isn’t a vacation, this is a business trip.”

    So glad to have a glimpse of you and everyone else during this fun project!

    • Cordelia, I can’t tell you how many times I have told someone that line after reading your comment! Hilarious and so true!

  7. Very true – definitely a great secret. There are lots of good things about travelling with kids, but relaxation doesn’t tend to be one of them. Knowing this secret can save a lot of disappointment!

  8. […] in between Leanna from All Done Monkey, who is asking me a question, and Ashley from Family on the Loose, who is answering my […]

  9. This is so fun to actually “meet” you and hear your voice! I love this series so much. Great tip to have low expectations- that with a sense of humor makes it much more enjoyable!!

  10. Vacation From Vacation!!! I love it! It is what I always need after our trips with 3 kids. To me the big relaxing moment actually comes months after the vacation, when we are going through our trip photos from the comfort of our own couch.

  11. Great tip! First time we traveled with our oldest daughter to see my parents, I think we sort of imagined just poking our head out the door of the bedroom, handing off a screaming baby, and finally getting some sleep. Ahhh … needless-to-say, it didn’t work that way :0 Great to see you “in person” finally!

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