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Spring Flower Countdown {The Baha'i Fast} - Chelsea Lee Smith on

From March 2 to March 20, adult Bahá’ís in good health observe a fast in preparation for our new year (Naw Rúz) on March 21.  Today I am so pleased to share with you this post from my friend Chelsea, of Enable Me to Grow about an activity to share the spirit of the Fast with young children.  For more ideas, you can also see our Fast Challenge Bag and follow our Bahá’í Parenting board on Pinterest.

Several years ago, I brainstormed some ideas about family traditions we might like to start during the Fast.  I wanted it to be something the kid(s) could look forward to that makes the Fast a special time, and also some way they can be more involved in the Fast before they can physically fast themselves (at age 15).  Here is an easy project that only took a couple nights to complete.

First of all, the inspiration for this project was from a lovely tradition where the family lit a candle for each night of the Fast (one candle on the first night, two on the second, and so on), so that by the last night there was a lovely arrangement of candles to mark the end of the Fast and the beginning of Naw Rúz.

I loved this idea.  However, seeing as it doesn’t get dark during Fasting time until maybe 9 pm (and my son goes to bed at 7), I decided to modify it a bit and make a “Fasting Tree” using flowers instead of candles.

The day before the Fast starts, we collect sticks for the “tree”, which we put in a vase on the mantlepeice.  Then during family prayers on each morning of the Fast, we place one flower ornament on the tree so that by Naw Rúz there are 19 flowers.

I used store bought flowers in the interest of time, although felted flowers would also be lovely.  I used these Frangipanis, which reminded me of being at the Shrine of the Báb, since there was a Frangipani tree nearby.

Spring Flower Countdown {The Baha'i Fast} - Chelsea Lee Smith on

I simply cut up the flowers as necessary and used green and yellow pipe cleaners I had already to make an easy way for them to attach to the sticks.

In order to help remind us of the purpose of the Fast, I added a short quotation about the Fast on a leaf for each flower so that we can discuss the quote on the ornament during family prayers.  For a full list of the quotations, see the end of this blog post.

I cut the leaves out of construction paper.  To make them more sturdy you could laminate them or use packing tape on each side.  Then I punched a hole in order for the leaf to attach on to the pipe cleaner.  I attached the leaves which came with the flowers back onto the pipe cleaner, so that it will help the paper leaf stay on.

Spring Flower Countdown {The Baha'i Fast} - Chelsea Lee Smith on

Spring Flower Countdown {The Baha'i Fast} - Chelsea Lee Smith on

Here’s the finished box of flowers.

Spring Flower Countdown {The Baha'i Fast} - Chelsea Lee Smith on

By Naw Rúz we will have a lovely tree full of flowers!


Quotations used for our Fasting Tree:

“We have ordained obligatory prayer and fasting so that all may by these means draw nigh unto God”
“We have forbidden men from following whatsoever might cause them to stray from the Truth”
“We…have commanded them to observe that which will draw them nearer unto Him Who is the Almighty, the All-Loving.”
“Cling firmly to obligatory prayer and fasting.”
“Verily, the religion of God is like unto heaven; fasting is its sun, and obligatory prayer is its moon”
“Observe ye the commandments of God for love of His beauty”
“We beseech God to assist His people that they may observe the most great and exalted Fast”
“protect one’s eye from beholding whatever is forbidden”
“withhold one’s self from food, drink and whatever is not of Him”
“Fast ye for the sake of your Lord, the Mighty, the Most High.”
“Restrain yourselves from sunrise to sunset.”
“Well is it with the one who fulfilleth My decrees for the love of My Beauty”
“We, verily, have commanded all to observe the Fast in these days as a bounty on Our part”
“His Law is a fortress unto you, could ye but understand.”
“Cling ye to the cord of God’s laws”
“fasting and obligatory prayer constitute the two mightiest pillars of God’s holy Law”
“Fasting and obligatory prayer are as two wings to man’s life.”
“Act ye in accordance with what ye have been commanded in the Book.”
“It is not for anyone to exceed the limits laid down by God and His law, nor should anyone follow his own idle imaginings.”

For more ideas, don’t miss this wonderful post from Enable Me To Grow with ideas from other young families on sharing the Bahá’í Fast with children. You can also read about our Fast Challenge Bag and follow our Bahá’í Parenting board on Pinterest.

Enable Me to GrowChelsea Lee Smith is a mother of two and is passionate about empowering families with tools for character education so that they can contribute to making the world a better place. She blogs at Enable Me To Grow offering activities, ideas and resources for character building and more.

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  2. Lovely! I believe that having such a visual tradition would be great for all ages and a wonderful beginning of Naw Ruz. Thanks!

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